omg idk! iJs!!!

seeing how i’m perpetually 15, i’ve been obsessed w/text messaging (txt msging) as of late. this has everything to do w/nicolina and now also kate (the hott mapmaker). together, we’ve come up with some new txt msg acronyms.

to start things off, here are our popular favs, which many of you are probably familiar with:

idk[i don’t know; fun to say outloud fast! make you sure you really pronounce the “dee,” a la this cingular commercial(of “idk, my bff jill” fame. don’t forget the other version, w/granmaw txting her bff rose. omG we loves. she also says “myob” (mind your own business; she’s so sassy! we loves.)] which brings us to, of course…
omg (oh my gosh. i like to write this omG, as to emphasize the GOSH. i use “gosh” b/c i’m jewish and don’t like to throw around the whole lord’s-name-in-vain thing. i know, i’m weirdly old-school.)
wtf [what the @#$!; this is very helpful (and oddly satisfying) to write in irritating situations.]

now for the new ones:

ijs! (i’m just saying! helps to capitalize the J here. as in: i’m just saying. veeery teenage. loves.)
wai, cl?! [what am i, chopped liver?!; if you’re from jersey or nyc, you might be especially fond of this one. very jewish. ppl in my family used to actually say this. (roughly translated: “WHAT? i’m not important enough?!!”) props to the mapmaker for that one.]
witym (word it to your momma!)
-and the newest, longest one, via an earlier im fb chat (instant msg facebook chat) w/kate: ydkwyjgyi (you don’t what you just got yourself into) yes, it’s long, i know. but friggin a, it’s so funny.

if you’ve got any favs, bring ’em!

here’s to the long weekend! omg ise! (i’m so excited!)


5 responses to “omg idk! iJs!!!

  1. Jessie Schlosberg

    Hey J… I will comment on the past few blogs that I just caught up on. 1- having Nicolina as a MOH was a great choice. She’s the best! 2- the lump in the throat will probably stay there through the wedding and then disappear briefly if you go on a honeymoon. Then of course, it will return when you come home and get all your pics back. You will get used to it and once it is gone, you might even miss it a little! 3- I totally feel your pain on the dress tip. I had no idea that you were so motivated to have your own dress made for you. Wow! 4- All during my wedding planning, I kept finding all these gray hairs coming out of my head! Now that the wedding is over, no more grays! Stress can really do a number on you. Take care of yourself. Eat well, exercise and drink lots of water. Also, remember to have fun! This is a wonderful time for you and Holls! Once the wedding is over, you have the rest of your lives to look back and think about how fabulous the wedding was and how glorious your life together will continue to be!

    We love you so much and can’t wait to be a part of your special day!
    Mrs. Schlosberg

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