about jessica

go ahead, eat. because it’s nearly 11:30 and you know you’re starving.

“hi, i’m a serious writer, demonstrated by the fact that i’m not smiling in this photo. you like my hat?” (photo: Jennifer McMenamin)

Writer/rocker/ex-Jersey girl Jessica Leshnoff is a copywriter and freelance journalist based in Baltimore, MD. This is her blog, created in a fit of over-caffeination and by the urging (and by “urging” we actually mean peer pressure) of dear friend and fabulous food blogger cucina nicolina. When she’s not writing, Jessica can be found drinking coffee, taking city walks (sometimes while drinking coffee), fawning over other people’s puppies (usually while walking), listening to music way too loud in her car, and reapplying frosty lipstick.

Jessica has over a decade of national and regional writing experience. A contributing writer for Baltimore Magazine and regular contributor to AARP.org, she has written for daily, weekly and monthly publications throughout the Washington, DC and Baltimore metro areas, including The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Washington City Paper, Baltimore Magazine, Urbanite, City Paper, The Gazette Newspapers and American Journalism Review.

She made her publishing debut in March 2011 as a contributor to the highly anticipated book It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living.

If you like what you read here, you’re in luck:  Jessica’s available for hire. For more information and to view professional writing samples, visit jessicaleshnoff.com.


12 responses to “about jessica

  1. Jess Green told me to check out your blog, and boy was she right. You have a great writing style, and interesting topics/subject matter. Tu salut, Ms. Jessica!

    Peace from Baaaaaston,
    Jack G.

  2. thesongallalong

    Hey just came across your blog in my tag surfer today and I really enjoy your writing style. Can’t wait to read more!

  3. Well hello! amazing!

    Your blog is phenomonal! Definately subscribing!

  4. Exsqueeezzeee me…. why didn’t my appearance at Pazo make your blog? I’m offended. And, here I thought I made an impression. This is why I hate being friends with bloggers, it gets so personal.


    Can’t wait for lunch!

  5. Oh yes. Early lunch.

  6. And Happy Married Life!

  7. hey jessica, i came across your blog after doing a google search on ‘snooki’. read a few of your entries and i just want to say i love, love, love your writing. (:

  8. This is awesome! I’m in Baltimore too!

  9. Great to see another local here!

  10. I have been reading your blog for some time now. I am so happy to read about all your recent weddings. Way to go! I hope you and Holly keep doing it as each state comes to their senses.

  11. Hey jut found your blog via Gay Marriage USA on fb, congratulations on your anniversary, although you ladies could go broke celebrating them all!!! Marriage equality just passed here in New Zealand so the wife and I will have another wedding sometime too, but probably just the two for us.

  12. I found your blog by googling, “rosemary splinter” (lol). I just couldn’t believe I got a piece of rosemary stuck UNDER MY GUMS. I wanted to Google if this phenomenon is common. I died reading your post about rosemary! Although I love it, I will never look at it the same because of my unfortunate mishap and your blog.

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