there’s nothing like a facebook birthday to make you feel popular

seriously folks, i have never. in my life. gotten so many happy birthdays! modern technology isolating?? notsomuch! (big hugs to everyone who wished me a happy–gulp!–30th decade. i still don’t feel older. i’ll letcha know when that happens, but it’s highly doubtful that it’ll be anytime soon.)

so tonight starts yom kippur, a downright serious holiday. i can’t say i’m psyched about it. i mean, who really is? i’m also not crazy about the fact that i’ve been so consumed by wedding stress and worry that i haven’t had a chance to really think about the year gone by and the one ahead. but i suppose i ought to be reasonable and accept the fact that there are some times in life when we aren’t as spiritual as we’d like. the best thing about life is that, G-d willing, there’s always next year.

to be completely honest, i haven’t been much in a blogging mood lately. i’ve been battling headache after headache. a lot of this is the season change (doggone barometric pressure!) and allergies, i suspect, but also stress. so if i disappear here and there, you know why.

to all my jewish peeps out there, here’s to a shana tova (a good year) and an easy fast (if you’re fasting). this is the one time of year when i wish i had less black clothing! traditionally we’re supposed to wear white on yom kippur. let’s hope i can dig up something white so i don’t show up to services tonight looking like some kinda goth chick. not that there’s anything, uh, wrong w/that (if i have any goth readers). iJs.

3 responses to “there’s nothing like a facebook birthday to make you feel popular

  1. belated happy birthday

  2. oh jessiness… i am sad you are with pain in the head. hope it all goes away. never thought i would be too tired to blog, but that is where i am right now… sheesh. i hope the birthday was a fabulous one.

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