funny, i don’t *feel* 30 yet

is it, um, supposed to happen sometime soon? b/c i’m officially 30 today and i still have that nagging perpetually-15 feeling. maybe it’s my bangs, or shameless addition to pop culture, denim and, um, gum. or the fact that i can’t concentrate on anything (these days, at least) for more than, like, five minutes. or, come to think of it, the fact that i still say “awesome” like i’m still livin’ on a prayer in jersey circa ’88. or that i still say “like.” also that.

i remember when i turned 20 (holy CRAP 10 years ago, what IS this!??), i was over the moon. omg, you have no idea. i was SO EXCITED to exit teenagehood, b/c honestly? it sucked. honestly it did. yeah, i’m not quite as excited to say goodbye to my 20s. but, it’s kinda like, i really don’t have a choice (!). and it’s good this way. b/c as i said in a previous posting, turning 30 is most definitely (ok, world’s biggest understatement here) better than not turning 30. so all in all, i’m thrilled, just absolutely thrilled. i am one to count my blessings, and i definitely have a lot of those. way too many to list here. so! happy birthday to me and i shall now switch to another subject:

so after seven+ yrs of hearing about each other, our parents finally met on saturday at our wedding shower. and you know what? yes, you guessed it: our collective world did not shatter. (those who know me know that i’m constantly expecting my world to shatter) in fact, they really liked each other! i was like *blink blink blink* do i *blink blink blink* really see our moms sitting across from each other t-t-t-talking? and our dads standing around makin small talk? really, it was just too awesome to believe. sometimes i get what neurologists call “let-down” headaches after a stressful time. that didn’t happen this time around. but what i got was an friggin awful stomachache! at my own shower! now, it could have been all the fresh melon in the fruit salad (ok, now i’m an old lady: OY FRESH MELON GIVES ME INDIGESTION) or just the fact that i was so relieved everything was ok. but i was poppin rolaids like it was going out of style and kind of doubled over at our funny “head table,” which really, was a bit sad but mostly dorky. (not the table, me. haha.) (note to self: steer clear of fruit salad on wedding day.) 

so in honor of my 30th year, i say the following:
wtf idk. iJs.

here’s to a helluva lot more birthdays. onwards!


6 responses to “funny, i don’t *feel* 30 yet

  1. I really feel happy for you. After all the turbulations, you’re still in one shape. Hope you’ll make it to your 31st birthday (in a positive tone)


  2. i can’t digest *any* cold salad these days. cooked fruits and veggies all the way.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jessie Schlosberg

    you are hilarious! Happy birthday and many many more!

  5. ok, so maybe i do have some stalker tendencies!

    but I was right we’re 8 days apart…

    happy belated hon!

    I promise this is the last comment today

  6. After your name magically popped up on Linked In (how does it know??), I thought, “I wonder what she’s writing these days.” So through the magic of google, I found your fantastic blog. And I must say, I’m enjoying myself immensely. The scene at Holly’s grandmother’s moved me to tears, and just moments ago, I blew tea through my nose (in a good way) over, “OY FRESH MELON GIVES ME INDIGESTION.” (Blowing tea through my nose = 9.5 on the Richter scale of hilarity.) Thank you for putting this out on the Interwebs for all to enjoy.

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