water aerobics

bathing cap

that's me, gettin ready for water aerobics. wait, no it's not. it's me getting ready for synchronized swimming. haha.

ok, at the risk of sounding, like, 80 years old (not that there’s anything wrong w/being 80; in fact, i very much hope to be 80 one day, just not for 50 more years)…i tried water aerobics last night at our local pool and omG, i’ve never had so much fun exercising in my entire life.

holly joined me, too. we almost didn’t make it to the class b/c we were getting on each others’ nerves–longtime relationship’ers out there, you feel me on that one, i’m sure–and i was pretty much like, in all my jersey charm: screw it. but she was like: come the hell on. let’s do this. and sure enough, it was truly awesome. i even got roped into an adult swim class starting this wkend. yes, i suck at swimming. i won’t sink or anything, but i can pretty much only do that one stroke only old ladies (yes, the ones that regularly wear bathing caps, usually the puffy vintage floral ones) do–you know, the breast stroke, but the one where you never actually dunk underwater? yeah, that’s me. i do that. and yes, you can laugh now. (oh thanks a lot. laughing at a girl that can’t swim. that’s really nice.)


4 responses to “water aerobics

  1. those bathing caps sure are attractive! did yours have flowers?

  2. ha! haha. i don’t have one yet. but i’m working on it! 😉

  3. Wow! Nate and I did water aerobics every morning when we visited that cheap Mexican spa over Thanksgiving. We were the youngest in the class, by centuries. omG, the 4 of us need to go there before we retire!

  4. HAHAHA! You are so funny.

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