oh my gosh we’ve turned into the costanzas


if you’ve watched seinfeld (and who hasn’t?), you know who i’m talking about: frank and estelle constanza, george constanza’s parents.

case in point: this morning.

location: our kitchen, baltimore, md

time: around 8 a.m.

me: at the stove.
holly: sitting at the island

me: i’m making your egg. how do you want it? fried?

holly: yeah. but i think i just want an egg white.

me: just an egg white?

holly: yeah! just an egg white!

me (louder) :  just an egg white?


me: why? why do you only want the white?

holly: what’s it matter why! i only want the white! i want an egg white who cares why?


at which point i announced that we were acting like an old married couple. we are an old married couple, holly said. and then i said we sounded like the parents on seinfeld and i was going to blog about this.

you really need to watch the videos below.


4 responses to “oh my gosh we’ve turned into the costanzas

  1. Love this. I pictured you all acting this out. Brilliant.

  2. ha! and you know us, which probably makes it even funnier.

  3. First off, it is a scientific fact that the louder you say something, the more the other person understands (and will ultimately agree with) what you are saying. UNDERSTAND? UNDERSTAND (is there a bold setting on this thing?)?!?

    “Where’s that breeze coming from?” HAHAHA

    Secondly, as someone who loves to sleep in (correction: it’s not even a ‘I enjoy it’ thing, it is a automatic life function almost like breathing) and has children, I find it remarkable that you both were up (and functional) at 8am WITHOUT KIDS. In fact, I almost stopped reading at this point, because for the life of me, I could not figure out why you were even up to have this encounter.

    If I don’t have to get up to be somewhere specifically, I am never up before 9am. Yes, that means my kids are up fending for themselves and watching TV, but isn’t that why I pay Direct TV? To babysit my children for an hour while I sleep?!?! Don’t worry, I’ve properly trained them to know where the snacks are and how to bug my husband if they really need something.

  4. well, w/holly taking 18 credits and me launching a biz’nass, you’d better believe we’re up early! we’re usually up by 7.

    (plus the later i sleep, the more likely i am to wake up w/a headahce; LAME!)

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