this is how you know technology has gotten to you

spam: now in special mailslot size.

when you call actual paper junk mail–the stuff that comes thru your mail slot, that you can, like, actually touch and hold in your hands–“spam.” i have done this more than a few times lately and, frankly, it freaks me out a little.

“what’d we get, babe?” holly asks me across the house (our first floor is one big open space) as i crouch down to pick up the pile on the floor under our mail slot.

“just a buncha spam,” i say, stopping myself. “i mean JUNK MAIL. oh my GOSH why do i keep calling our junk mail ‘spam’???!”

at this point, holly, however, isn’t listening to me anymore. i talk so much she stopped listening to me about eight years ago. (ha. i need to pause here and tell you that TODAY is our nine-year anniversary!! happy anniversary, baby! oh wait. she didn’t hear me. lol.)

anyway, it kinda makes sense, the junk mail/spam thing, as the garbage-type paper mail we all get is indeed called “junk mail.” and junk mail in our inboxes is also called spam. so i guess i’m getting my lines crossed. still, it’s weird. kind of like when i’m laughing at a text message or IM or facebook-y thing and holly asks what i’m laughing at and i really wish i didn’t have to speak and could just, like, email her about it instead. so much for technology making us more effecient. talking is so…two years ago.

(shout out to fellow blogger t. for making me think about spam.)

(any of you out there actually try spam? as in, the food? or processed food byproduct or whatever it is. it seems…jiggly.)

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3 responses to “this is how you know technology has gotten to you

  1. #1 SPAM is the most disgusting jiggly food ever! #2 lmfao over the fact that Holly doesn’t listen to you anymore – Carla and I will be 9 years in July and she too ignores me most of the time…sorta feel better about it now though. #3 Happy Anniversary! #4 Thanx for the shout out and you’re welcome…I think. (Not sure if prompting someone to ponder SPAM is a good thing.)

  2. BTW, we have Monty Python to thank – indirectly, by way of early software designers I think – for the application of the term “spam” to our electronic junk mail. They have a very famous skit involving Spam, its many culinary uses, and its ubiquity. Spam, spam, spam, spam.

  3. T: now you’re makin ME lmfao! happy early anniversary! and whatevs, our chatty nature is what made them fall head over heels in love w/us anyway! the moment i’m quiet, holly’s like, “babe? you ok?!”

    john: that made me totally crack up! i love the youtube comments.

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