i knew it was only a matter of time

before some dumbass pulled a knife on somebody over a parking spot. this is today’s new neighborhood development.

yup, some dude moved someone else’s chair and parked in his spot. we saw cop cars and asked what was going on. like i keep saying: respect the chair. [or the cone, milkcrate, dining room set, tv tray, coffee table (yes, saw one of those today) or, my new favorite, a laundry basket full of snow with a pink foam floaty noodle sticking out of it.] respect it or you might get cut. at least in baltimore. so beware.


2 responses to “i knew it was only a matter of time

  1. Marge from the mag was telling me that her neighbor was yelling at her daughter when she moved a cone to SHOVEL. Seriously. Not to park. To shovel. So Marge had more room to walk from the car to the house.

  2. i’m telling you, ppl are losing their minds!! this shiz needs to melt already.

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