i know instant coffee gets a bad rap

but i just want to take this opportunity (as i sip piping hot, yes, instant coffee) to say i think it’s unwarranted.

i am one who isn’t ashamed to admit when she likes something lame, unpopular, uncool or just plain cheesy. i’ve admitted my ongoing affinity for britney spears (despite her varying, very public mental states; hey, don’t judge. how would you act if you were constantly followed and scrutinized? i bet we’d all look more than a little nuts under the microscope). that mtv paris hilton show, “my new bff.” also lindsay lohan’s apparent lez-out w/”gal pal” (i.e. gayhomosexualgirlfriend) samantha ronson (hey, go’head and be gay for a day, girl! i’ve got no problem w/it! send pics!). i also love new jersey (HOLLA! where i was raised, YO). and i’m adding instant coffee to the mix b/c I’M NOT ASHAMED!

i didn’t even know i liked it until sheer desperation of terrible office coffee (eight o’clock bean, ugh) threw me into its freeze-dried embrace. i like to say that “bad coffee is better than no coffee” (i also say “bad curry is better than no curry”; i’m a huge indian food fan) but when it comes to coffee at my office, i need to break my own rule. i just can’t drink it. it actually gives me a headache.

enter instant coffee. all you need is hot water and you’re in business. you can make it as strong as you like and it’s ready immediately. [the best brand, in my humble opinion, is taster’s choice. you can even buy boxes (for just over a buck!) of these adorable little single-serve packets, perfect for when you’re up at the cracka’dawn in western pee-ay and there’s not a caffeinated cuppa coffee to be found.] don’t get me wrong, i loooove freshly brewed coffee but when i’m in need, i reach for the little, brown, caffeinated crunchies–my 9-5 savior. 

so there. i said it. the secret’s out, ppl. check back soon for more skeletons from my gayhomosexual closet.


4 responses to “i know instant coffee gets a bad rap

  1. I agree with you about the coffee. My wife is always trying me to get to care about more exotic blends, but unless it’s really bad, it’s all the same to me.

  2. Hahaha word. I don’t knock instant coffee. Most people do probably because they have only experienced the worst of it: the stuff you drink during late night cram sessions at your college library, or the cheap crap they offer at the breakfast bar at shitty hotels. Instant coffee, like Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, Gossip Girl, Lauren Conrad and Facebook, is something that people love to hate…and secretly love underground.

  3. Passenger 13

    Uggg. The only time I drink instant coffee is when it is the only thing available. Or, if I’m at the vending machine that spits out cups with ‘5 card draw’ poker hands on them and I’ve placed money in a pool for the winning hand. Oh yeah, and when I’m at my mother’s house ’cause it’s all she buys. LOL

    I applaud your honesty and I love how you phrase things like, “its freeze-dried embrace”. You are quite the litttle writer! I always surf back for more.

  4. We can ONLY get instant coffee in Egypt! Well, that’s not entirely true, they do have coffee shops even Starbucks but it’s not the same and it’s not worth it. But if you go to any eating establishment and order coffee, you’re getting instant baby!

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