if you don’t know me and ever wondered what i sound like

or you do know me but we haven’t talked in a while (since, like, high school; hi, facebook). or you know me and we talk all the time but you just want to hear me drop the jersey smacktalk and sound smart for once (heh), check out the interview i did for CBC/Radio-Canada (like NPR but only in canada) on “senior sexting” (yes, that means your grandparents (and parents!) are sexting now and no i’m not kidding and yes i actually wrote about it).

the interview was for their weekly tech/culture show, “Spark.” click here to listen. i’m on at about the 18 minute mark (sorry, no fast fwd, i know i know). also available for free download on itunes (just search “spark from cbc radio”; it’s episode 105, march 7-9–this week’s episode ).

and yes, i’m huge in canada.  😉


2 responses to “if you don’t know me and ever wondered what i sound like

  1. LOL….Senior Sexting…ewww and I’m pretty old, but still – ewww. You sounded great despite the topic. Your Jersey accent and my Rhode Island accent are practically identical – must be the heavy Italian influence. If I move to Canada maybe I too can become huge and write on such scintillating topics, right now I’m working on a fascinating salmon recipe for a food blog. Ahhh the freelancing life……..

  2. you just cracked me up like the bigtime. i’m surprised i still have a jersey accent at all anymore, what w/the pittsburgher in the house and livin in “bawlmer.” i didn’t know there were lots of italians living in rhode island! how awesome. love the italians. and you don’t need to move to canada to be huge in it, btw. after all, david hasselhoff is huge in germany, right? (i know, i don’t get it either.)

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