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remember when i asked you what was worse, smelling like subway or 7-11?

well, hands down, i say 7-11. hands down.

can’t a girl buy a bottle of aquafina and a couple scratch-off tickets (ok, three. but it’s st. patty’s day and i was feeling lucky!) w/out walking out smelling like a…a…man, i don’t even know! a deep-friend artificial meat something or other? i think even if you went into a 7-11 completely naked (note: don’t do this) your skin would absorb the smell. of course i’m wearing a sweater. so basically, i stink. (wanna hug? no? oh.)

[update: not even one winning ticket and now i’m covered in that weird silvery, oddly sticky scratch-off dust. oh well, i’m not irish anyway. perhaps i’ll buy more and have holly scratch them off since she‘s irish? hunny, can you even hold a nickel right now ?? (she was out for “kegs and eggs” at 8am. that’s my baby!)]


quick poll: what’s more annoying…?

going to subway and coming back to your office smelling like a sub?

or stopping at 7-11 (or “sevs,” as we call it in jersey) for a cuppa coffee and smelling like a mini-refried-deep-fried-fake-beef  toquito for the rest of the day?

this is a hard call, as both seem to equally permeate clothing, especially in the winter when you’re wearing sweaters and scarves.

anyway, let me know what you think. b/c right now i smell like a sub and it’s driving me crazy.