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i have been a negligent blogger lately

and i feel just terrible about it. there’s so much i want to tell all of you. and yet: i have no time. or have a headache (the transition to springtime is esp. hard for whatever reason, prob. the friggin barometric pressure). or am working on my book proposal (and trying to find an agent), which is proving to be a much bigger endeavor than i realized. (also there is Other Stuff that you won’t find out about until the book is published)

also: passover is kicking my a** this year!!! it’s not so much that i want bread, it’s just that it’s…inconvenient. logistically. trust me, it’s not that i don’t appreciate the exodus from egypt and all, i just want to buy lunch (or just pop something in the microwave) b/c i suck at bringing it/making it. i mean, how much tuna/egg salad and matzah can one really eat? i’m even beginning to tire of the chocolate-covered raspberry jelly rings. last week i twittered that i actually wanted to marry one. (that or a choc-covered passover marshmallow. or both.) now that‘s saying something.

and…one last thing: major blog shoutout at yonat ‘n jason for hosting the BSE (best. seder. ever!) thursday night. HOLLA! srsly. you guys rule. and the fact that your son not only dressed up as pharaoh but did such a good job singing all the awesome passover kids songs (awww i am smiling just thinking about it) made for a casual evening. serendipitously, i sat directly in front of the delicious brisket. also od’ed on yonat’s insanely good homemade choc-chip mandel bread (how do i describe mandel bread? hmm…oh i know. kosher-for-passover biscotti.)  this made for a happy jessica. thanks again, guys! mmmmmwah!

my last fitting’s tonight

and i have a sneaking suspicion that i shouldn’t have eaten all those fries last night. oops. (and i suppose the fact that i ate them w/cheese sauce makes it even worse. but c’mon! i’ve been *so good* for so long! and even a bride-to-be’s gotta live a little…)

[i guess it’s more accurate to say that this will be my last fitting until a week or two before the wedding. and hopefully said fabulous dressmaker will need to take it in a tad more by then. (note to self: no more cheese fries!)]

in other news, i really appreciate the turning-30 support that all my buds sent via comments on yesterday’s entry. i’m also happy to report that my two+ day migraine has broken. i don’t even know how i wrote that entry yesterday! the power of copious amount of coffee. never, ever underestimate the power of coffee.