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part one: my big fat jersey high school reunion

i invented post-its, bee-otch!

ok so i posted a million years ago that we were about to embark on weddingpalooza 2011 (three weddings! three states! one day! click here for background) and now that we’re back in town, post-honeymoon, post-holiday, i’m ready to break it down for you, despite the fact that i’m tempted to divorce holly’s ass in multiple states for many reasons including but not limited to:

1. her inability to throw used tissues from her side of the bed into the trash when she has a cold–which she does now, which she continues to remind me of by saying, “baaaaabe. i’m sick. make me tea.”

2. the fact that she continues to butt-dial every single contact in her phone, since she refuses to carry it anywhere but her pocket, like a five-year-old. or my purse. and hello, i don’t want to carry her phone all the time, esp bc it’s always dinging with email notifications from kohl’s, bed, bath & beyond, bath & body works, every single deal-of-the-day and who the hell knows what else bc she signs up for everything while i’m grumpy and sign up for nothing and mark everything as spam.

anyway, there were many stops and much adventure on our wedding blitz. in the interest of time, space & procrastination (yours, not mine; i’ve heard from more than a few of you that lunch at 11:30 is a top workday procrastination station and you know i live to make you happy) i’ll be breaking it down into a few parts, starting with:

1. my high school reunion, i.e. we’re gonna party like it’s 1996.

saturday, november 12th, late afternoon

my high school reunion is in a few hours. while copywriting is a perfectly respectable career, i’ve decided i’m telling everyone i invented post-its.

when we get to the hotel in Livingston, NJ (hometown of my longtime fave chelsea handler WHADDUP CHELSEA! love ya! call me!), the lobby looks like a wanna-be jersey housewives convention. it’s noisy, crowded and smells like a variety of overbearing perfumes–like the mall. or a synagogue function. or perfumania. i wonder what the commotion is all about. is there a hairspray-and-mousse giveaway? eyeliner rally?

holly joins me in the check-in line and i discreetly point out a couple women in leather pants and hooker heels pushing baby carriages. i assure her that yes, this  really is where i come from. this is the land, these are the people, that nurtured my first 17 years on earth. so, really, the daily jeggings, frosty lipstick and occasional chico’s holiday sweater isn’t all that bad considering what i was up against.

a couple hours later we come back to the lobby area for the reunion. luckily the mascara convention is over, and i suddenly see a bunch of people that i think i recognize that i think recognize me. thanks to facebook, i get some names right. this one nice girl, i don’t even know how i remember her name. when i get it right, i feel an immediate sense of pride. i see her again later and get her name wrong bc it’s not actually her, it’s her identical twin. shit! twins! i think.

we walk into Ballroom B or whatever, and it’s pretty fancy. candles, centerpieces, real silver. the whole nine yards. we immediately realize we’re severely underdressed since we’re in jeans & sweaters while all the girls are pretty much in, uh, gowns.

“did we miss the memo?” holly asks me.

i told her there was no memo. just a facebook event page. someone inquired about “dress code,” and i enthusiastically wrote on the wall “jean chic!” since i suggested it, i figured that’s what we ought to go with. brilliant, i know.

“whatever,” i say, suddenly aware just how snug my jeggings really are. and that maybe my boobs look too big in my sweater. “we’re gay. everyone probably expected us to show up in bad pleated chinos, brown boat shoes–the kind with the white stitching and the two-tone laces–and unfortunate plaid flannels. tucked in. oh, and brown belts, also with white stitching. so i actually think we look great. plus i’m wearing my nine west reptile high heels. and jeggings plus high heels equals fancy. so we’re good.”

“well i’m not wearing jeggings. or heels,” holly says quietly.

“you’re fine,” i tell her. “you’re wearing black boots. that have small heels. plus your sweater is black. plus your jeans are dark. plus this is my high school reunion and i don’t even care.”

holly was definitely the hit of the evening, as many of my old classmates already felt like they knew her from this blog. on my way back from the ladies room, i made eye contact with this one guy and figured it’d be rude not to stop and say hello even tho i really wasn’t all too sure who he was.

“hi!” i say. “dave, right?”

“no, rob,” he says. “dave’s my brother,” and he points to the guy sitting next to him. his twin. shit! another pair of identical twins?! what class of approx 144 has two friggin sets of identical twins??

lovely gals that i wish i’d spent more time with in high school tell me stories of fun things we did or funny things i said or did and i realize holy crap, i don’t remember anything about high school. it’s kind of frightening how much of a blank i’m drawing. later on, i realize that, while other people had no idea, high school as a closeted teen was so horrifically painful for me that i think i just left and never looked back.

i tell people about our “wedding blitz” plans for that tuesday, and everyone is so excited. i get hoarse from catching up with people, answering everyone’s questions about our weddings and our life in baltimore. i love that i can finally stand proud with my partner of 10+ years by my side. i love that all my self-doubt is so far in the past. i love that i finally learned how to put a damn arch in my eyebrows b/c dang! i needed a makeover! HOLLA!


coming out on facebook is the best thing ever


before facebook, it went something like this:

you’d get back in touch w/someone after a long time who knew you way back when [say, oh i don’t know, high school or something? (wink wink/jersey shout-out to james caldwell high school graduating class of ’96! everybody say hooooo-oooooooooo say hoooo-ooooooooo now screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaam! whoooooooooooo!) *ahem* sorry], you know, when you weren’t wavin’ the ol rainbow flag every which way (ok, wait, i don’t really have a rainbow flag–wait, is that bad??) and marrying your same-sex partner of 7.5 yrs. back when you were closeted in north jersey. back before “will & grace” and tila tequila (love to hate it. hate to love it! gimme more!). before katy perry kissed a girl (ok wait, back before katy perry was even born. wait, what? haha kidding! kidding, ppl, totally kidding) and madonna & britney made out for 1.75 seconds on live tv (tho, admittedly, it was the very best 1.75 seconds of live tv ever). what i’m getting at is: when you didn’t know you were a homo. or you knew it (like me) but couldn’t talk about it.

fast-foward 10+ yrs later. enter facebook. there’s no awkward moments! there’s no vetting someone’s political and/or religious or cultural beliefs. there’s really no “coming out” anymore to old friends, at least online. it’s like, hey, yr friendin’ me? ok, sure. and bam. everything’s right on there. the “engaged to” (and, in a mere 2+ weeks, “married to.” omg. OMG WHAT?? omg nothing.) and then the couple-ly profile pics. then there’s this blog i’m always shamelessly promoting in my status msgs, which basically spills out my entire life story. a giant social networking site like facebook makes things so easy. it’s unbelievable.

all this occured to me in the past few days, b/c, for whatever reason, there seems to be a late 90s jchs (that would be north jersey’s own james caldwell high school, which i must follow by saying: EVERYBODY IN THE HOUSE SAY HOOO-OOOH. *ahem*) reunion going on! it’s actually really exciting, as we didn’t have a 10-year reunion and i’ve really wanted to catch up with ppl! of course this is happening at a time in life when i can barely stay focused for five minutes at a time, but, if you jchs ppl are reading this, i want to get to know all of you again. i mean, thinking back all those years ago, to high school and even before that, who were we, really?? maybe our core values are the same, but i’d bet a lot of us were just shells of our current selves. it’s so interesting to see what we’ve all become. (and we’re all so much cuter now, aren’t we? omg we are aren’t we. pls, you were totally thinking the same thing, too, so don’t even start)

my guess is that almost every entry following this will be wedding-related. and pls, don’t hate me if they’re sad (i’ve got a doozie up my sleeve; i can’t help it, this is a very emotional time in a person’s life!). in fact, with everything going on, i hope that i even get a chance to write. i just wanted to take this opportunity to say hi to all my old high school peeps and also give facebook a big ol gay shoutout. i’m going to go back to listening to ashlee simpson now. b/c i may have graduated high school a while ago, but i’m still pretty much 15. ttyl 😉

at a jersey diner? post semi-formal? circa...'95? '96? note the hair wrap (did you do that, michelle??) and the rad second-hand coat. (man i loved that coat! what the heck did i ever do w/it??)

why did so many of us think it was cool to wear brown lipstick? also, flannel? also, hello! eyebrows! thank goodness i learned how to manage those. can't believe i spent so much time in that locker room! haha. shout-out to su for these both these pics. also facebook.