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i am nursing a serious crush on the first couple

and i don’t think i’m the only one.

how fabulous are the obamas??? i mean, how outrageously fabulous are they?? i just love them. love them.

i could barely pull myself away from the tv yesterday. i mean, barely even to eat or use the bathroom. i have never felt this away about politics. i have never been excited about a political leader. ever. but seeing president barak obama and first lady(!!) michelle obama walk down constitution ave. yesterday (past my old stomping grounds; sigh, how i miss my dc…), i could barely keep it together. (they’re such *rockstars* i kept thinking!!! rock stars!)  i am just so proud that we elected them. we did! us! can you believe it?? i keep mentally pinching myself b/c it seems just too good to be true. but it is true. that’s the very best part.

oh and seeing them dance! swoon! her *dress*! and his tux! and those KIDS?! and the grandma! goodness gracious, i could just eat up the entire family! eatthemup! (he’s also a lefty! just like ME! did anyone notice he’s a lefty??)

i have talked to more strangers lately, i’m telling you. ppl on the train, cab drivers, starbucks baristas–and there’s just such a feeling of unity and excitement, it’s just amazing. i’m like, why couldn’t this have happened sooner? to have an african-american family–and such a progressive, forward-thinking president–in the white house…the thought alone just makes me want to break down. i swear, i was already crying when they arrived for coffee at the white house. and then when aretha started singing, forget it. i was a mess.

between this and the steelers on their way to the superbowl…it’s like everything’s falling into place 😉 (sorry, ravens fans. hey, no hard feelings, right? you fought a good fight.)

so yeah. about that crush. it’s here and it’s real. (oh stoppit, i know you feel it, too. so just give in…)

WELCOME TO DC, MR. PRESIDENT AND MRS. FIRST LADY!!!! you’re going to love it here! if you need anything, i’m just over in baltimore. it’s not far. we’ll make the trip out. really, it’s no problem.


please don’t slash our tires b/c we’re steelers fans

alternate headline?

“what it’s like being a steelers fan in baltimore”

a.k.a. “please don’t shoot me” “please don’t yell at me” “please don’t paint my car purple” “please don’t choke me with purple-sprinkled dunkin’ donuts”

granted, maybe it was the wrong move to put on the steelers jeep tire cover on holly’s car. aaaaand….wearing my steelers jersey to my ravens-lovin’ office maaaaaay have been the wrong move today. [the longtime rivals will be battling it out this weekend; i don’t know a whole lot about football, but i do know whoever wins will be going on to the superbowl (which i still call the “superball.” i mean, it sounds so much better! whatever. i’m five. i realize this.)]

holly and i really weren’t thinking when we made our weekend plans a couple weeks ago. i’m going to nyc/nj to visit my family. she’s driving to western pee-ay to visit hers. (our first time apart since our wedding! two months ago yesterday, awwww) we looked at each other after the ravens won last weekend like a coupla deer in headlights:

WHAT WE’RE WE THINKING!!!!???? seperating for the final steelers playoff?? and against baltimore?? omG!

at least she’llbe with fellow steelers fans. i’ll be in northern jersey in a household where the last time a football game was on was probably during the reagan administration. so, yeah. oh well. hopefully my parents won’t run out of the house into the freezing cold after i start shouting at the tv. and hopefully i’ll keep it clean. [i accidentally dropped the f-bomb in front of my mom a while back when she was visiting. (hey! i ran over a curb! trying not to hit a personin a parking lot! cut me some slack, ppl! i swear i’m a good kid!) she was like, “JESSICA!” and i was like, “what?!” “do you know what you just said?” “umm…crap?” “no!” (i seriously forgot. i promise you. i think i immediately repressed the memory b/c i knew whatever was about to happen was going to be so painful.) “you said f***!” i don’t know which was more disturbing:  the fact that i cursed so badly (“eff” is a bad one in terms of parents. i’m sure i don’t need to tell you this) in front of my mom, or hearing her say it herself. maybe the latter?)]

and speaking of jersey…

i got a new car last night. japanese! yessss! so i’m cleaning out the remnants of my ’05 two-door chevy cavalier [hey, at least it was a sport model. and had a spoiler. so, yeah. still, it was a pretty lame car. (tho, when i was wearing one of my infamous bandana/frosty lipstick combos while driving, i did, in fact, truly look like a latina gangmember. all i needed were some glowing lights and a chainlink border around my license plate.)] last night in front of the dealership in the cold. and i’m not shedding a single tear about it. just before i shut the door for the last time, i’m like, oh! the cd player!

i press eject and what pops out? bon jovi. “new jersey” circa ’88 (?). that’s my heritage right there! don’t ever tell me i’ve lost my roots! you can take the girl outta jersey, but you can’t take the jersey outta the girl 😉

happy friday!!!

this city can’t stop crime, but it sure can install purple lights overnight

yes, indeedy. our mayor may be making national headlines w/an indictment list a mile long (four counts of perjury, three counts of theft, and three counts of fraudulent misappropriation by a fiduciary and two counts of misconduct, according to the Sun) and the cops usually won’t even show up when we make midnight phone calls about our neighbors breaking bottles over each others’ heads, but doggone! them ravens! well, hon, you’d better believe the entire city is suddenly lit up like a chunk of freshly chewed grape bubblicious–purple lights *everywhere*.

city hall. the po-lice station. inner harbor. pretty much everywhere.

as a steelers fan (i met holly as not only an unaffiliated football fan, but hardly a sports fan at all; i have since morphed into a trash talkin’, chip-throwin’, jersey-wearin’, terrible towel-wavin’ football fan that, yes, “bleeds black ‘n gold”), this is particularly tough for me. but whatever, we’re in baltimore, i get it. it’s fine. (and to be completely honest, i’ve always liked the color purple.) it’s just really annoying to see the city responding so quickly to their sports team, while letting little scary things like, oh, crime–you know, stuff like the drug house across the street from us (and its associated daytime, in-plain-sight deals and lookout kids on bikes)–just sorta, you know, slip by. i’m all for team spirit, but c’mon. maybe if the city put as much effort into making daily life safer and more livable as it does installing purple lights, i wouldn’t be considering taking up kung fu to protect my jersey ass when i’m walking the 200 hundred feet from my car to my front door.