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i am nursing a serious crush on the first couple

and i don’t think i’m the only one.

how fabulous are the obamas??? i mean, how outrageously fabulous are they?? i just love them. love them.

i could barely pull myself away from the tv yesterday. i mean, barely even to eat or use the bathroom. i have never felt this away about politics. i have never been excited about a political leader. ever. but seeing president barak obama and first lady(!!) michelle obama walk down constitution ave. yesterday (past my old stomping grounds; sigh, how i miss my dc…), i could barely keep it together. (they’re such *rockstars* i kept thinking!!! rock stars!)  i am just so proud that we elected them. we did! us! can you believe it?? i keep mentally pinching myself b/c it seems just too good to be true. but it is true. that’s the very best part.

oh and seeing them dance! swoon! her *dress*! and his tux! and those KIDS?! and the grandma! goodness gracious, i could just eat up the entire family! eatthemup! (he’s also a lefty! just like ME! did anyone notice he’s a lefty??)

i have talked to more strangers lately, i’m telling you. ppl on the train, cab drivers, starbucks baristas–and there’s just such a feeling of unity and excitement, it’s just amazing. i’m like, why couldn’t this have happened sooner? to have an african-american family–and such a progressive, forward-thinking president–in the white house…the thought alone just makes me want to break down. i swear, i was already crying when they arrived for coffee at the white house. and then when aretha started singing, forget it. i was a mess.

between this and the steelers on their way to the superbowl…it’s like everything’s falling into place 😉 (sorry, ravens fans. hey, no hard feelings, right? you fought a good fight.)

so yeah. about that crush. it’s here and it’s real. (oh stoppit, i know you feel it, too. so just give in…)

WELCOME TO DC, MR. PRESIDENT AND MRS. FIRST LADY!!!! you’re going to love it here! if you need anything, i’m just over in baltimore. it’s not far. we’ll make the trip out. really, it’s no problem.

the bottom line is

that we’ve invited way too many ppl to this wedding. BUT OMG WE HAVE JUST BEEN SO EXCITED, and perhaps handed out a tad too many save-the-date cards. (i grew suspicious of this possibility when i ordered another batch of zazzle.com postcards, but clearly must have been in denial.) so, yeah, the bottom line is that everyone in our lives who’ve been supportive of us and our nuptials, we’re like, C’MON! THE MORE THE MERRIER! not really thinking of the reality of it all. now we’re way past 200 ppl (like, *gulp*, around 220), and holly and i are looking at each other like a couple deer in headlights, swallowing hard and both thinking simultaneously, what on earth are we gonna do???

we were looking at each other like that last week when we did a site visit. man, i’ve never been so happy to have taken a migraine pill b/c, between my mouth going numb like it does (?! i know, don’t even ask) and just not being able to think too clearly, i wasn’t able to freak the way i would’ve if i hadn’t. yeah, so basically our fabulous but unconventional dc venue (that we’ve had our hearts set on for well over a year now) just can’t accomodate our crowd for both the ceremony and reception. so now we’re scurrying to find a new site for the ceremony, and, yes we’re sort of panicking.

ok, i’ll tell you the truth b/c you’re my readers and you deserve it. it’s more like just me panicking. (ok, i actually think you already guessed that. thanks for the vote of confidence, guys.) holly continues to be methodical and steadfast, and i just tend to freak out, driving the poor girl crazy like i do. i just keep thinking, w-w-w-wait. are we on one of those wedding reality shows??? TELL ME WE’RE ACTUALLY ON ONE OF THOSE WEDDING SHOWS! where, at the last moment (granted, our wedding’s in mid-november, but it might as well be the last moment the way i’m feeling), something falls thru. except the couples on tv have a wedding planner, and s/he talks them down from the ledge and fixes everything in, like, 10 minutes and then everything is faaaaaabulous again. but we do not have such a luxury (now i see why ppl hire them, but, c’mon, that’s gotta be expensive), so yeah, we’re working on it.

in other news, does michael phelps have the cutest little butt on tv these days or what?? i may be a big ol’ homo but i have eyes! AND HE’S FROM BALTIMORE! i know, right?? i can barely believe it, but it’s true! i must admit, for all my baltimore trash talkin’, i feel proud. when he comes back, maybe we’ll like, omG! see him out! i’ll definitely have to ask him when he eats lunch.

there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating lunch at 11:30

in fact, i encourage it.

there’s two things you ought to know about me before you read this any further: one, this is, for all intents and purposes, a blog still very much in test-mode. well, these first entries anyway. i don’t have a clue of its focus as of yet, and it’s very existence is most likely due to whey protein overload (thank YOU starbucks smoothie! have you tried yet? omG delish!) and over-caffeination (again: thank you, my dear old friend S. Bux), but mostly my fabulous food blogger friend—and bff, i must add—nicole, she of cucinanicolina—who advised me the other day (after excessive cross-country txt msging, i may add.) to “just start.” just to start typing and see where it takes me. so here i am!

number two: yes, i do—more often than not—eat lunch at 11:30. that’s a.m. sometimes even earlier. in fact, oftentimes i’m hungry for lunch at 10:30. (like right now, as i write this.) i used to be embarrassed to even admit it, let alone eat it. but i don’t care anymore. i suppose i’ll discuss some of the reasons why i think get hungry so early in later posts (these will all be theories, as i really and truly do not know). but for now, i’m just putting it out there.
and hell, i’ll add a couple more things while i’m at it:
1. i get a lot of headaches. unfortunately. so if i disappear for a couple days, that’s probably why. fear not, tho! i always return. usually in a downright awesome mood.
2. um, i wear a lot of black, but, contrary to popular belief (and by popular belief i mean that of middle-aged admin ladies), am not goth. not goth. just from jersey. wear frosty lipstick, too. also a north jersey trait, i’ve discovered. am also a big fan of bangs. and i hear i chew gum pretty loudly, too. classy chick, right?? 

3. i’m 29, on the cusp of 30 (october thankyouverymuch), but feel perpetually 15. in fact, i frequent mall psuedo-punk franchise hot topic more than i’d like to admit. (hey, cut me some slack, ppl. where’s a girl supposed to find a ramones t-shirt around these parts anyway?) funny thing is that when i walk in, the grumpy (but pleasantly so) cashiers say hi like i’m not the office drone i some days fear i’ve become so i guess i put up a pretty good front. (well, i guess the bangs help. also said loud gum-chewing.)
4. i live in baltimore. (lots more on baltimore in the near-future, i’m sure.) grew up in, yes, new jersey. lived in D.C. for a good long while and miss it terribly (but still get my hairs did there, so you know i’m back pretty often) what else, what else…ah, right. am gay, gay, gay. in fact, i’m having what i like to call a Big Fat Gay Wedding this fall. i’m tying the knot with my fabulous holly, partner of seven+ years. i’m also jewish. so the gay jokes and the jewish jokes are ON, ppl. don’t even start. b/c if you ARE one, you can poke fun. and, if nothing else, this blog’s gonna be fun.

i think that’s all for now, b/c i’m hungry as all get-out. like, my hands are practically shaking. i know, right?? and it’s not even 11:30.