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more proof that i’m actually a gay man

at least i was in a past life.

case in point: cyndi lauper.

like madonna (for those of you unfamiliar w/my endless love for the material girl, take a look at my homage to madge on her 50th birthday), my love for cyndi knows no bounds. i finally saw her in concert over the summer and omG. tears. like, real tears. streaming down my face. (kind of like when dorothy gets married and leaves the house for the last time on the very last episode of the golden girls. omG don’t even get me started on that! i swear, it’s like i can’t stop crying. like i said: gay man.) in other words: she did NOT disappoint. her fabulousness was just…unbelievable. (plus she looks *amazing*)

the best part is that she’s hella nice. i interviewed her for a dc entertainment monthly a few years ago (over the phone; please, i think i would have fainted in person) and she was so great. we talked for over an hour. swoon. such a legend. can’t even deal. (ask me about her skin regime and i will gladly spill the dirt re: her fave anti-aging product)

so fast-forward to last night. i’m making a mix for a certain faaaaabulous accountant-by-day/photographer-by-night(who’s having his very first solo show tonight!! yeehaw! HI STRONGMAN!), putting a cyndi lauper song on it, ‘natch and the itunes “genius” thingy suggests this one cyndi song. it sounded familiar, i suspected it was from her new album. it is. and omg. goosebumps. best song i’ve heard in ages. (i know this old news to some of you but forgive me, as i was in a pre-wedding stupor until, like, yesterday.)

i find the video on youtube (which of course i can’t embed here so i’m trying to do it a different way) so i can listen to it, and now i’m absolutely convinced there is a gay man inside of me screaming to get out. this video’s gayer than sh*t.  i absolutely love it. click below and kick off that weekend baby yeah….