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laid off

holly was laid off friday afternoon. three weeks before our (very expensive) wedding. it’s like the news headlines landed right splat in the middle of our living room. and i’m scared. i did my crying soon after she broke the … Continue reading

so i cleaned out my office today

and, honestly, it was a little weird. more than that, it made me incredibly sad. i know i joke around a lot. and i’ve been a miserable sonuvagun there for quite some time. i didn’t think i’d feel all that … Continue reading

this morning was rough

i woke up with my left eyelid completely swollen (and both itchy), the return of a weird associated hand rash and a migraine headache. oh, also every muscle in my body, including in between my fingers (are there even muscles there?), sore. … Continue reading

why do so many straight women sigh and say they wish they were ‘a lesbian’ when they’re having problems with men b/c ‘goshdarnit, it’s got to be so much easier’?

tell me. b/c i really want to know. give me one doggone reason you think it’s easier?? b/c you…both have boobs? yeah, not so much! news flash for ya, ladies. it’s not easier. it could quite possibly be harder. in … Continue reading

ok i think i have feelings for maureen mccormick

you know, marsh brady? but the grown up version. maureen, not marsha. i just finished her memoir, “here’s the story: surviving marcia brady and finding my true voice” [i’m reading memoirs like crazy lately as i put the finishing touches on … Continue reading

in other news, i turn 31 tomorrow

wait, what?? what??! wasn’t i just, like, 15…yesterday? it really feels that way. it seriously does. (the fact that i act like i’m 15 half the time only compounds this. the ashlee simpson circa 2005 haircut doesn’t help matters but oh i … Continue reading

does anyone want to start a band??

cause, like, i have the time now. to practice and strategically rip my jeans and plan a tour and stuff. since i’m laid off now. i probably could write good lyrics (being a writer and all) and i kind-of-sort-of play the … Continue reading

there are better things out there for me

i know this. i feel it. b/c i was laid off today. one door closes, a window opens. i wasn’t the only one, either. ten percent of the organization was cut, 18 ppl. i’ll tell you all, for those of … Continue reading

mean streak

i’ve found over the past few weeks, the past couple of weeks, especially, i have witnessed and, unfortunately, been the target of some exceptionally mean behavior. it’s like everyone (well, not everyone, but you know what i’m saying) has something … Continue reading

when was the last time anyone packed your lunch?

for real. i mean, i haven’t gotten my lunches packed since, gosh, probably elementary school? [no, no, i wasn’t raised by wolves. (plus, there’s no wolves in new jersey. ijs.)  i just opted for the cardboard cafeteria pizza and juice drinks (whhhhyyyy??) once i … Continue reading