i’ll be eating grilled cheese for breakfast, lunch & dinner from now til october

except for breakfast it’ll have an egg in it with only one slice of cheese (see: egg & cheese sandwich). this is because holly’s away in western pee-ay mon-thurs from now til the end of september taking care of her gram, who just had hip surgery.

what i’ve come to see is that, when holly leaves and i’m left to my own devices, i promptly forget we have an oven and thusly only cook things a) on the stove b) in a frying pan with c) melted butter. and if i’m not cooking with melted butter, it means i’m making a quesadilla. before you turn up your noses please note that i add spinach which makes it healthy.

it’s not that i can’t cook, it’s that i’m spoiled and now lazy. you see: i married a fabulous cook. no no, i married a fabulous gourmet cook.

i mean, she’s so damn fancy these days she can’t even make a freakin tuna sandwich without making it a spanish tuna melt with smoked spanish pap-freakin-rika, garlic powder and who knows what else. then she goes and adds manchego cheese, made from sheep’s milk from organic sheep living in the spanish alps. (hah. just totally made that up. also there are no spanish alps but you knew that right? of course you did!)

here’s what i bought at the store today:

hot dogs
american cheese
two frozen dinners
an amy’s pizza (mushroom & olive)
english muffins
milk (yes milk)
eggs (yes eggs. see: egg & cheese sandwich)

i didn’t buy peanut butter because we already have some here. same goes for butter.

yes, folks, i am really living the life. i am also sleeping with my diva defense (“pepper spray with style!”) next to my pillow. see below.

Leopard print Diva Defense pepper spray with sparkly blue jewel.

as i always say, if the pepper spray doesn’t blind you, the bedazzling jewel will! i have the one in green leopard print w/the lime-green gemstone, however i think it might be discontinued.

i’m also sleeping with a police baton from holly’s days with the military police in the navy next to the bed and i will bash your skull in after i blind you with my gemstone.

i’m also blasting madonna day and night because holly’s not here to say BABE MADONNA AGAIN?! (to which i always reply: YES BABE MADONNA *AGAIN*) also i’m going to do my nails with these, which my mom happily purchased for me with her $10,000 worth of “cvs bucks” while i visited my parents in philly a couple weeks ago.

not my hand or nails. some random person’s hand from the internet.

when i showed my new fabulous sally hansen salon effects nail strips in yes, houndstooth (see above), to holly at her parents’ house last week she promptly rolled her eyes and told me she “didn’t want to date a teenybopper.” to which i promptly replied that “we’re not dating, we’re married. and i don’t want to be married to someone that doesn’t like me to have fun with my nails and get over yourself, have a sense of humor and you don’t know anything about fashion or style and etc.”

then she told me to move my morroccan oil because it was blocking the tv. then i told her i was going to blog about all of this, which, true to my word, i am now.

if she says anything about my houndstooth nail strips again i will divorce her ass in multiple states. then blind her with my gemstone.

except for i won’t because dammit i miss her already and she’s only been gone since sunday! (sniff)

now i’m actually getting a little emotional, tho it might be because i’m listening to roxette’s epic ballad “it must’ve been love,” as featured in the 80s hit movie pretty woman. (oh shuddup, you know you totally got emotional when she leaves and richard gere goes after her.)

anyway, if any of you want to cook for me, please, be my guest. or if you want to do your nails with me. or take me to the store because holly has the car. otherwise you will find me here, at our house, eating grilled cheese at approximately 11:30am (lunchtime, duh) and 6-ish. sometimes alternating with quesadillas. and eggs, if it’s breakfast.



11 responses to “i’ll be eating grilled cheese for breakfast, lunch & dinner from now til october

  1. Crap! A- now that song is stuck in my head, and B-I see your houndstooth and raise you the fact that theses glittery pink peacock feathers are on my fingers right now! http://greatlashing.blogspot.com/2012/07/peacock-print-nails.html

  2. *gasp* ERIN B. those. are. FABULOUS!

  3. “please note that i add spinach which makes it healthy.” This. Forever. xoxoxo

  4. Madonna “again”… Nope MADONNA all the time!

  5. YES MADONNA ALL THE TIME!!!! MADONNA. ALL. THE. TIME! madonna while reading jennifer weiner books! while eating grilled cheese! now we’re talkin!

  6. What’s wrong with grilled cheese? You’re changing it up with the egg. Maybe throw some hot dog in one.

    I hope the time passes quickly!

  7. hahaha. i really am changing it up with the egg. hot dog i don’t think i could do. i could, however, add tuna. which would make it a tuna melt, which is much classier and protein-rich than a lowly grilled cheese.

  8. Oh goodness, I completely regress into a ten year old when my hubs is gone. Last night i had crinkle cut french fries for dinner. Just crinkle cut french fries because really what else do you need?
    I love your pepper spray. And your love of Madonna.

  9. HEY: i had fries for dinner last night, too! well, fries and grilled cheese. but technically i could have had just fries.

  10. you crack me up! you are just like my husband. everytime i leave town, i make sure i leave a full stocked fridge so he can eat something healthy. he ends up eating take out or fast food for every meal until i get back. he’s spoiled too.

  11. Last night no one was home to cook for. So I had hot dogs. Except I was too lazy to actually cook them. So I just sat on the arm of the couch with the open pack of Oscar Meyers, nimbling dog after cold dog while zoning out to HGTV. I consider that a success because: No Dirty Dishes. *still winning*

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