happy 10-year anniversary, babe!

holly & i, sept. 3, 2001: see? even then i was smothering her. (remember: streaky hair was in back then. so were studded bracelets. and blue nail polish. so shuddup.)

ten years ago today, i went on a date with a girl named holly. (you can read all about that date here. warning: longest. entry. ever. so grab your hot drink of choice and get your lumbar pillow.)

from the outside, we were an unlikely pair. i was a trashtalkin badass. she was…not. i was from jersey. she was…definitely not. but…we fit. she smoothed my rough edges. we were everything we never knew we needed.  

“i knew i loved you even then,” i say to her sometimes about that first date.

“aw, babe,” she says, rubbing my hand. “no, you didn’t.”

“yes! i did! i mean, i may not have known it explicitly, but i think in my heart i knew it.”

then i usually get weepy and she hugs me until i squirm away and we start laughing. 

i am so lucky to have found someone that knows me better than anyone else in the world. that knows exactly what i’m feeling and thinking just by the look in my eyes. who can calm me with just a few words or a touch or a glance (which, trust me, is a big deal b/c my ass is hard to calm down.)

holly, you have the reigns on this jersey girl’s heart. you always will. thank you for making the past 10 years the most exciting, most rewarding years of my life. thank you for supporting me in everything that i do. here’s to 10 years and a 100 more. i love you.


13 responses to “happy 10-year anniversary, babe!

  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    love you both!

  2. aw! we love you, too!!! ❤

  3. Congrats and Coolness to you both!

  4. Because I don’t have an anniversary with anyone, I’m just going to piggy back onto your happiness. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, US!

  5. I was going to be all mopey today because today is the 10 year anniversary I went on a first date with my now ex. But now I realize that’s all bullshit and I’d rather be happy for you. True love happens. Happy Anniversary!!! I love you both.

  6. Awww, so sweet!
    p.s. I had streaky hair back then also, ’twas awesome!

  7. The reason we have lasted this long is because you keep squirming away from me and I keep trying to catch you…..slippery fish! I love you and I will keep chasing you forever and a day! Thank you for staying with me over these past ten crazy years……I hope the next ten will be just as
    crazy but in a good crazy way!

  8. So sweet! Now I am getting all teary eyed! Can’t wait to see you two next month

  9. Wait. Are you saying streaky hair is not in now? *note to self: call salon, stat. Congrats on the 10 years! *another note to self: why haven’t you managed any relationship past 5 years?

  10. thanks for all the well wishes/congrats/general happiness, everyone! we are feeling the anniversary love. honey, i will always be your slipperly lil fish. xxo

    (p.s. streaky hair will never *truly* go out of style. neither will shimmery blue nail polish.)

  11. Congrats Congrats Congrats!!! And hey… the hair/bracelet/nails was *so* in. 😉

  12. PeacockWings

    aww congratulations!!!!
    that so super sweet!

  13. How cute. Congratulations on both your hard work! 🙂 ha.

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