here’s how you know technology has gotten to you, part 2

uhh...where's the save on this thing?? (a not-too-distant cousin of my brother word processor. wherever you are: thanks for deleting my jewish studies paper. i really enjoyed rewriting it. really. i did.)

 back in may, i posted an entry about calling junk mail–as in the actual paper mail that’s delivered to your house “spam.”  this, to me, was what my mom and i might call “a doozy” with regards to technology infiltrating your brain to the point where you’re confusing the tangible (uh, mail, paper mail) with the intangible [“spam” in your inbox (vs. you know, the jiggly canned meat byproduct)].

the other day i hit a new low w/regards to technological confusion. we were driving somewhere, maybe to visit holly’s family in pee-ay, i don’t remember. definitely somewhere far enough away that i broke out one of my many notebooks and started writing (and by “writing” i mean using the sad excuse for handwriting that is my lefty chicken scratch) .

before i continue, some background:

i am a saver. as in: when i’m writing something in microsoft word, i’m constantly saving. i’ve been a perpetual saver since the one time (omg knock wood) my computer actually deleted something–a term paper, i think, for my jewish studies class my sophomore year of college. granted, i was working on a brother word processor (omG remember those?! that thing was a BEAST!) but regardless, one minute my paper was there, the next minute it was GONE. i had to write the whole damn thing over.

never again, i promised myself. never. again.

ever since i learned keyboard shortcuts, i’m all about “control S.” meaning: you hold the control (“Ctrl”) button and the “S” button down at the same time–a shortcut that saves your document. i swear i do this every five minutes when i’m writing. every two minutes. (maybe even after every sentence.) my computer must hate me and tell all the other computers i have ocd. but what do i care? i am not losing another document.

so back to the story. we’re driving along the highway and i’m writing away. after i write a significant amount, i look up and realize i’ve got my left pinky (“Ctrl”) and my left index finger (“S”) poised to hit the damn control S combo. i am in the CAR, mind you. we are on the HIGHWAY. i am writing in a NOTEBOOK with a PEN. and i’m sitting there like an idiot with my fingers poised to hit an imaginary key combination on my imaginary keyboard for my imaginary computer that is actually my notebook and pen.

“well this is special,” i thought, staring down at my hand, which, in all honesty, looked as if it was ready to be placed on a piano keyboard to hit some kind of lady gaga/elton john chord.

i made a mental note to share this with you in the name of entertainment, but also in order to feel less crazy.  in other words: please share similar stories. do you txt when you mean to tweet? do you talk in emails? do you email in IMs? would you rather have a typewriter (or better yet: a brother word processor), rotary phone and answering machine and be done w/all this? discuss.

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8 responses to “here’s how you know technology has gotten to you, part 2

  1. I’m so used to my DVR at home that when I’m in the car and miss something on the radio, I instinctively reach for the remote (not there, of course) to hit rewind! Duh!

  2. lunch at 11:30

    mike, i can always count on you to make me feel better. ha.

  3. I always find myself wanting to do a google search for something I’ve lost in my apartment.

  4. lunch at 11:30

    ha! omg that is awesome. i wish we could do that. i’m constantly losing *everything*.

  5. I try to Ctrl+Alt+Delete whenever I find myself in a terrible or uncomfortable situation. It never ever works.

  6. you are too funny!

  7. lunch at 11:30

    me? noooooooooo.

  8. @Mike – omg the damn DVR….I have gotten to the point where I can’t stand to watch a show or movie that has not been recorded. If I can’t fast forward through the commercials, I’m not watching. And then, of course there’s the whole DVR, OMG, BTW, IDK thing…..speaking in text acronyms makes me cry but I do it anyway….grrrr!

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