lady gaga’s going to perform on the today show

lady gaga: in need of a more supportive bra. also underwear and pants. (it's totally unsanitary to be sitting on that booth like that. i'm just saying.)

what time you think she’s gonna get up?

srsly! while i’m excited to see her perform on one of my fave shows (yes–the today show is really one of my favorite shows; shoutout to my peeps meredith, matt, anne and al! hey guys!) this friday, i’m even more excited to see her up early. for some reason, i am getting the biggest kick out of the thought of none other than lady gaga dragging herself out of bed at, like, 6am, maybe even earlier? to get to the show, get her makeup/get-up (omg what is she going to wear? i will get to that in a bit.), do a sound check, etc. and perform by, like, 8am.

i mean, there are some ppl you just can’t imagine getting up early. lady gaga is one of them. i can imagine her staying up until 6am. not getting up at 6am.

also: it’s going to be fun seeing her dressed in something really outrageous so early in the morning. and…in a heat wave, no less. i think if she wears one of her orbiting headgear type things, it’s going to get condensation on it.

it’s funny how rock stars have license to, you know, wear an orbiting headgear hat (ok, now i’m going to have to include a photo of that ) at 8am. but then again, meredith, matt, anne and al get to eat all the dishes celebrity chefs make–lasagna, salads, ice cream, chicken; you know, all the stuff your mother told you wasn’t “breakfast food” (i always hated that! still do)–at 7am so i guess it all evens out.

lady gaga, can i borrow your hat for my science project? i'm making a solar system and that would be *perfect*!

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5 responses to “lady gaga’s going to perform on the today show

  1. Can you even IMAGINE sitting on that bench with no chonies??? ew ew ew

  2. lunch at 11:30

    omg i know. that’s the type of diner-style booth ya stick to in the summer. i’ll stop right there. *shakes head*

  3. I wonder if she’s already living in an alternate reality known as Gaga World.

    Kevin Smith (“Clerks,” “Dogma”) has a great monologue about his week working with Prince at Paisley Park, and I wonder how long it’ll be before Ms. Gaga completely identifies with the persona she has created.

    Does she drive a car or shop for food? I bet not. It’s almost like how, during his campaign, the ORIGINAL George Bush was filmed at a photo-op, completely mystfied by the use and function of a cash register.

  4. PeacockWings

    i can’t help but love lady gaga..
    is she crazy:: i think so.
    but i mean you have to give the women props for wearing the solar system out in public!

  5. lunch at 11:30

    you TOTALLY have to give her props!! you gotta love her. gotta.

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