what i didn’t tell you about our (second) wedding…

us! getting married! legally! (look at our cute friends!) photo by Christopher T. Assaf, Baltimore Sun / March 17, 2010

was that there was going to be a news crew there. (i keep a good secret, right??) 

i’ll admit, i wasn’t really feeling the fact that there was going to be a Baltimore Sun reporter and photographer/videographer at our st. patty’s day outdoor ceremony–hell i had enough trouble having my photo taken at the first one, and we hired her (hi jaime!)–but holly talked me into it. after all, we’re a media-friendly couple, and i realized that our story could actually change some minds out there, so i decided to take one for the team. 

so for all of you not living in the baltimore area (or that aren’t facebook friends), may i present to you…our legal wedding. (cheers to reporter scott calvert for doing a really great job. i’m a tough one to please, and even *i* teared up!)


6 responses to “what i didn’t tell you about our (second) wedding…

  1. SO incredibly happy for you two. And you’ve given me another reason to drink Guiness on St. Patrick’s Day, so everybody wins! 🙂

  2. so glad i was there for your big day — TWICE. the video and article are great. i’m so proud of you two

  3. Michael Golden

    Yay! This is so freakin’ cool. I thought the newspaper story was great, but the video? Damn! I’m getting some Guinness on the way home tonight!

  4. Wow! You guys are famous!

  5. thanks, all!! guinness all around! (famous?? nah! regionally maybe? 😉 )

  6. Jessie Stadd

    I’m so glad that you decided to have the reporters there because we got to watch it online! I had tears in my eyes. Congratulations!

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