step *away* from the fries

everyone has that food. that one food that is nearly irresistible to them. i’m not talking about your favorite food. b/c i, like most of you out there, have many favorite foods (some of them are vegetables. dorky, i know). i’m talking about that one particular (usually sinful) food that, when directly in front of you, is nearly impossible to resist.

for me, that food is french fries.

i have to say that most times, i’m pretty good at avoiding them or turning them down. if i’m out at a restaurant with someone and he or she gets a whopping, mouth-watering mountain of fries and innocently asks me, “want some?” what i normally say is, “do i want some? yes. should i have some? no.” and with that, i’m able to resist.

yes, i’m the gal who asks for a side salad instead of the fries. b/c if i do get the fries, i just can’t stop myself.

case in point: last night we went to Equality Maryland’s 2010 lobby day, where lgbt folks and their allies go out and meet with maryland legislators in their district to discuss legislation pertinent to the lgbt community (same-sex marriage is a big one but not the only one). it was a busy evening, and i spoke up in our meetings. being busy and speaking up inevitably makes me hungry. it made our friends hungry, too. so we took up the organization’s invitation to swing by rams head and celebrate our efforts with some food and drink.

i ordered a veggie sandwich. i saw that all sandwiches were served with fries. i was too hungry to even care. i’ll only have a few, i thought. only my a**.

not only did i eat every single friggin fry in sight, i even ate the soggy ones under the pickle. plus the loser fry drowning in ketchup. the one that you usually leave over b/c it’s so soaked. yeah, i ate that one, too.

they were delicious. but then i felt sick and disgusted.

see, that’s exactly why i avoid them. b/c i can’t control myself! it’s exactly the same reason we don’t keep doritos in the house. or fritos, cheetos or tostitos (basically corn-based fried snack foods that end in “o”). if i have one, i have to have them all. so today’s question: what’s your danger food? the food that you have to avoid at all costs or else you’ll wind up eating them all. do tell.


9 responses to “step *away* from the fries

  1. M&Ms….. I have to have them at my desk…. and I can’t stop from eating them! I have to have some form of chocolate!

  2. Potato chips, as you know. Close second is mashed potatoes. Third is fries. So I guess I really do like the potatoes, no? Still, they *are* vegetables after all …

  3. OMG! Anything, and I mean ANYTHING that is deep fried and comes with a dipping sauce. For example – Blooming Onions…..ahhhh! My partner laughs at me because, as she tells everyone, I would eat turds if they were crunchy enough to dip. Great post!

  4. do NOT read the following. it will be VERY bad for your health.

    ice. cream.

    presently eating a sinful pint of b&j strawberry cheesecake.

  5. you guys are all so funny.

    and kate, too late, i already did and hot damn it is too bad about those arby’s *and* five guys fries!!! how can something that tastes sooo good be SO bad??!

  6. i love loser fries!

  7. jessie schlosberg

    I am definitely a chips and salsa kinda girl. I will eat a whole bag of tostitos and not look back! I also love hummus and could easily go through a container of Sabra (the one with the chickpeas, pine nuts and olive oil on the top) on my own with pita!

  8. I would have posted a few minutes ago but I was face-first in a bowl of Panera mac & cheese- said bowl is now clean.
    So yes mac & cheese is up there for me.

    And while I am tempted to mock Jessie for her addition of hummus as a danger food- it’s chickpeas, it’s not THAT bad for you!!!!- I have to add that I rarely buy that cottage cheese with pineapples, because I always eat the 4-serving container in one sitting.

  9. omG jessie. tostitos and salsa. i simply cannot stop. and green, the cottage cheese/pineapple combo is also a fave. ok now i’m hungry!!!

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