only in this town

woo-boy: Big Boyz Bail Bonds pens. a baltimore tradition.

do postal workers hand you a Big Boyz Bail Bonds pen to sign for your package. only baltimore.

these pens are everywhere around here. this is one of the topics i’ve been meaning to blog about forever. the pens (see above) are yellow and hot pink. if you’re near one, you can’t miss it. i find myself signing the check at restaurants with them, at grocery stores…i mean, everywhere. the postal worker that delivered our package earlier today said she’s even seen them at the dentist. the bail guys swing by on her route and give her handfuls of them. talk about good marketing. pens in the internet age. who’da thought.

their guerilla marketing tactics also extend to t-shirts. the dealers, hookers and pimps across the street–and all of their associates–sported Big Boyz Bail Bond t-shirts over the summer. hell, that’s probably who got them out and back on our corner. maybe if you buy some bail bonds you get a free t-shirt?? (on a sidenote, bail bonds confuse the hell outta me. lending money to ppl who most likley can’t pay you back? where’s the profit in that? if you can explain this to me, pls do.)

anyway. this is baltimore. love or it leave it. or just like it, grin, bear it and make jokes about it.


6 responses to “only in this town

  1. I have gotten that same pen before!!!!

  2. i know, right?!! they’re everywhere!!!! haha!

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  4. “on a sidenote, bail bonds confuse the hell outta me. lending money to ppl who most likley can’t pay you back? where’s the profit in that?”

    Being located in California I can’t speak as an expert on the bail bond industry in Baltimore but perhaps I can help answer one of your questions.
    The truth is, that just like any business, profit is made by those that are good at what they do. Some will, some won’t.
    Bail bonds are high risk “investments” by their very nature. That’s why successfull bondsmen are good at issuing bonds on cases and arrestees that they have invesigated and determined to be a good investment. Financial stability, background and sometimes just inuition help them to make a decision on whether to take a client or not. Most bail companies also aquire their bonds from a Surety Company which sometimes have agreed upon guidelines for issuing bonds. Especially high dollar ones. The botom line is that bail bondsmen can maintain healthy profits but they are always at risk of loosing a large amout as well.

  5. hey robert! glad you liked it!! so fun you guys joined the conversation (!)

  6. wow. thanks, Jail Happens! i actually understand the business behind bail bonds now.

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