no dead mice, no dead people

holly tells me this is a disrespectful thing to write (disrespectful to our late neighbor if you’re new to this blog), but i mean no disrespect. i really don’t. i’m being serious. we just got back from pee-ay a couple hours ago and we’re both relieved that things are ok here (we’re rarely away for this long; we were gone over a week since we were snowed in). a part of that is really and truly no dead mice inside and no dead ppl next door.

last year when we arrived home from the holidays in pee-ay we were greeted with not one, but two dead mice. one was in a trap along a wall. i didn’t know there even was a second until i realized there was a funky smell floating around and the puffy, gray thing i almost stepped on nestled in our area rug was actually a decomposing rodent. wtf, right?? we’re still trying to figure out what the hell happened. it wasn’t even in a trap. really odd and also gross. (but looking back with 20/20 hindsight, not all that bad; our theory is that it must’ve busted a leg in a trap and dragged itself to the rug. but this is just a theory.)

even tho we have a pretty serious alarm system, every time we get back to the house, even just after a long weekend, i hold my breath as we come up the street and turn onto our street. once i see our picture window and door in tact i’m like yesssssssss. score one. then we check the windows of whatever car we left here. wait, back a step. then we check to see if the car is there. once we confirm that it’s there, we check to see if the windows are in tact. another breath out. then we walk in and sniff. and this evening all we smelled was….christmas tree! holly’s car was in tact. no dead rodents, house still boarded-up next door (i.e. not broken into). no water in the basement (this is a biggie since most of the snow has melted around here.) we are snug as a bug in a rug. i can’t believe i’m saying this but i’m thrilled to be back. the cows have come home, everyone. jessica is happy to be back in baltimore.


4 responses to “no dead mice, no dead people

  1. Ah, he’s dead! What does he care now? But if he DOES, then you may have a MUCH worse problem, if the Biography network’s “Ghostly Encounters” program can be taken at face value!

  2. Also, the “snow” falling across the screen also happens to look like something I would see if my retinas were about to detach.

  3. welcome home!

  4. ghost shmost. it’s more like, i don’t want to dis ’em too bad. just seems tasteless and kind of mean.

    thanks, ann!! it’s good to be back 😉

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