i’ve been off the map

well not completely off the map. but in philly (one of my very favorite cities) w/family recovering from, well, everything. i’ve really (understatement!) needed the time away to clear my mind (and nostrils) and just…relax. i actually don’t think i’ve relaxed like this in a long long time.

i’m going back to baltimore tomorrow, praying that our house doesn’t stink anymore. the city has cleaned out the old man‘s house and put lye where the body was. hopefully that’ll do the trick, but they still need to remove parts of the floor and the (basement) ceiling where, yeah. you do the math on that one (!). the more we hear (and see, we saw pictures of the inside of his place; ugh) from the health dept., the more it makes sense that our house has stunk like it has.

so, as of tomorrow afternoon, bye bye philly, hello again, baltimore. i’m ready to start fresh and really think things are going to start going our way. i mean, hell, we’ve hit rock bottom i think. so here’s to coming back up.

i hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!


One response to “i’ve been off the map

  1. Here’s to an odor free return!

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