i’m happy to report that things are finally getting back to normal


my wedding bouquet, nov. 15, 2008. it somehow disappeared that day, but at least i have some fabulous photos of it (c/o the blonde photographer)

and right in time for our one-year wedding anniversary, which is today (!!?!). we knew it was coming, but we’d sort of forget every time we’d smell a random puff of death come from next door. (damn porous bricks. that’s what you get for doing the whole trendy exposed-brick thing, i guess. i should note that while the house seems increasingly better-smelling, we do have the random puffs. also the basement still smells kind of bad.)

as i was eating cinnamon toast and sipping coffee this morning, the today show announced the date.  i looked at the screen and there is was: sunday, november 15, 2009.

“oh my gosh happy anniversary, babe!” i said.

“happy anniversary!” holly cheered back.

we had completely forgotten and then we both remembered, as if it was the very first time we were talking about it. (even tho we were talking about it last night.)

“thank G-d that’s over,” i said.  

“i know, right?” she chirped.

then i perched in front of her on the couch–she was sitting there working on her little netbook–my knees resting on the edge of the cushion. i looked down as hovered above her, grabbed her little face in my hands, gave her a gentle kiss and told her how happy i am that i married her. we are both out of work (granted, i am very busy w/my freelance journalism/copywriting and holly’s very busy w/school…but full-time work, we’ll say) and our house smells vaguely of death and yet…i have never been so happy.

after the week we’ve been thru (and i can say with full certainty that it was the very worst of my life), the BFGW doesn’t seem like such a big deal. i mean, sure, the post-traumatic stress is still working its way out of my system, but it honestly seems–well, not quite like cake (um, no. definitely not cake), but i’m just looking at things with brand-new eyes (and, err, nose) after this week:

we’re alive. we have each other. we have a good solid roof over our head. happy anniversary indeed. i love you, honey!! here’s to a million more. mmmmmwah.


9 responses to “i’m happy to report that things are finally getting back to normal

  1. Year two is like, hell. Just sayin

  2. well, we already have eight years under our belts and things just keep getting better, so i think we’re in the clear…

  3. jessie schlosberg

    Happy Anniversary girlies! We love you!

  4. Happy Anniversary, Sweetie! 8 together, 1 yr unlawfully married, and when they legalize it, yay…we will be able to add another anniversary!!!!!! I am going to have to start putting alarms in my phone so we don’t forget all of them!
    I love you!

  5. Happy anniversary!

    So — on our one-year anniversary ten years ago, we took a piece of wedding cake out of the freezer which we had saved for the day. We were both looking forward to it — as we simply didn’t have any of the cake at the wedding itself and told ourselves that we’d get a bite of it in a year.

    Whoever wrapped it up for us decided to wrap it in with the fresh flowers we had on top of our cake. Needless to say — we didn’t end up eating any of it that night.

    I really hope that you two didn’t have something similar happen. 🙂

    Anyway — enjoy the day! And keep those anniversaries coming…

  6. blessings …

  7. thanks everyone! we just tried the cake (thanks, mike, for reminding us!!) and i gotta say: it wasn’t half-bad! fortunately, our cake maker gives couples a tiny version of their wedding cake on their first-year anniversary, so we’ll have a new one to devour. (oh and we will devour it: pumpkin cake w/cream cheese icing! bring it!)

  8. Wow! I cannot believe it’s been a year already!
    It was an amazing wedding and I was so honored to be a a part of it. One of these days i need to get that photographer’s contact info.

  9. Congratulations!!

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