does anyone want to start a band??

cause, like, i have the time now. to practice and strategically rip my jeans and plan a tour and stuff. since i’m laid off now. i probably could write good lyrics (being a writer and all) and i kind-of-sort-of play the electric bass, which i have in our basement. i mean, i’m halfway there already, with the rock look and black clothes and bangs and whatnot. plus i’m sure i can look menacing. also hott. (but in a non-threatening way so the tweeniebopper parents will let the kids download our hit singles. and then we can finance our-soon-to-be expensive pedicure/iced coffee-triple-soy-latte habit w/out worry.)

any takers??

the only catch is that i don’t really drink. or smoke. and the jewish thing kind of throws a wrench into the whole tattoo thing. and i’m incredibly responsible and like waking up early and get a lot of headaches and low blood-sugar all the time.

oh wait: i’m actually a huge dork.

 ha. ok, forget it. dressing in black and wearing baltimore tattoo museum t-shirts every other day is actually easier. plus, hello! rockstars can’t get low bloodsugar! unless you’re type 1 diabetic brett michaels. and he’s a big ol slut anyway.


4 responses to “does anyone want to start a band??

  1. I feel like being highly caffeinated might nearly equate drunken rockstar craziness so, you know, I think you’re set. Go for it, girl!

  2. Oooo, can I be the mysterious producer that pushes your band into amazing, uncharted waters and totally cool songs (think Daniel Lanois + U2, George Martin + Beatles, Eno + James)!?!?!?

  3. hell’s yeah you can! holly’s going to be our manager. man this thing’s coming together fast 😉

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