i finally found my crowd

and…they’re eight. or nine. basically, i get along best with eight and nine-year-old girls.

case in point: who was i hangin’ w/at holly’s four-year-old nephew’s birthday party on sunday?? (note: he tried to convince me he was turning six but i totally didn’t buy it 😉 ) and where was i hangin’  w/them?

i was in the computer room with her nine-year-old niece (regan) and her eight or nine-year-old cousin using an upside-down plastic bowling pin as a make-pretend microphone singing along with…miley cyrus. (that was supposed to sound like a whisper) we were doing some dancing, too. then we put on the black-eyed peas and gavin, one of holly’s cousin derek’s kids (would that make him her second cousin? i have no idea. i am so bad w/that kind of stuff) who’s…five? or six? came in and started breakdancing.

i was pretty much in heaven.

the kids, they do not judge. also they are shameless for their enthusiasm for all things cheesy, such as ms. cyrus. i, too, have great enthusiasm for cheesy pop culture stuff (tho miley is pushin it, even for me) and it’s nice not to have to hide it for once.

it turns out youtube is a great resource for the tween girls. every time regan wants to hear a song, she types (with just two fingers, so cute) the name of the song plus “lyrics” so she can not only dance around (she never fails to pump up the computer speakers to their full capacity, i kind of love that even tho it distorts the sound) but sing along, too.

when regan and i aren’t singing along to miley cyrus songs, we are reading tween/teen mags, talking about nail polish, which jonas brother is the cutest (she likes nick), etc. while she tries on my accessories (i do love to accessorize), such as: bracelets, necklaces and scarves (she esp. likes my skull scarf; great taste, this kid).

ok, now i have that doggone song in my head again. i believe this is the actual version we used sunday afternoon.

don’t forget to nod your head “like yeah” and swing your hips “like yeah” at the appropriate moment (oh and you’ll know it when you hear it). also good to wave your arms up in the air (like, say, you’re at a bon jovi concert) during the “hands up” part.

oh you know you love it. you love it! (it’s ok! i won’t tell!)


2 responses to “i finally found my crowd

  1. to quote nate just now, “hey, that’s a pretty good song!”

  2. from the moment i met nate, i knew he had excellent taste 😉

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