i think i parked in front of your car last night

nice car

yours, right??


wait, this one must be yours then:

your car

ha. not yours either? hmph. funny, i totally thought it was.

i gotta tell you, these are actual cars in our neighborhood. and i did, in fact, park in front of the first one earlier this week. when holly and i got up early to take a walk a couple days later, it was still there (i know, shocker) and i was like, “babe, i parked in front of that car the other day.” and we both couldn’t stop laughing. i don’t know why, but it just seemed incredibly funny. i guess b/c it’s just so damned ghettoass. hey, but that’s our neighborhood.

ok, the second car, the red one. maybe we should call it stars and stripes? sorry the photo’s kind of blurry, but i was walking while i took it, trying not to stop so, you know, i wouldn’t get shot by the owner who obviously would have thought the puffy-haired jewish girl in dorky white sneakers at 6:30 a.m. with her partner taking a photo was a NARC. or worse yet, planning on, yes, stealing it.

sorry i’ve been absent again. i know. i suck. blame it on my BFBP (big fat book proposal). also that things are generally sucking lately. again: one day, i promise, you’ll read all about it. until then i will amuse you with all the sorryass humor “the city that reads” (HA! can you believe baltimore was ever called that??) has to offer. happy friday!!!


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