because it’s monday after a long weekend

and i know today might suck for you. hell, it may suck for me. therefore, i offer you the following two new southeast baltimore neighborhood watch reports:
(once again, i took the liberty of headlining them.)

Aggravated Assault:

‘Don’t make me send my baby mama after you.’
A woman told police that she had been sitting on some steps when a man approached her and insulted her. She and he got into an argument and the man told the woman he was going to have his “baby mama” come and beat her up. Shortly thereafter, an unknown female suspect arrived and sprayed the woman in the face with mace.

(haha. i’m sorry, i know this involves someone being sprayed in the face w/mace, but that is so damn funny.)


‘I was drunk and just being stupid.’
One man told police that a suspect, who was standing nearby, had robbed him of a bag of food, and sprayed him with pepper spray. Police approached the suspect and found him to be in possession of pepper spray and the bag of food. When questioned why he had robbed the man, the suspect replied “I am drunk and was just being stupid.” He was arrested.

haha. oh, baltimore. you used to make me cry, but now i can’t stop laughing. (ok, maybe i still cry now and then–esp. when unknown, probably rabid animals somehow get in our walls in the winter and i’m home alone b/c holly’s in class.) i mean, hell, if i didn’t laugh, i’d probably be scrunched up in a ball rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere sucking my thumb.

we went to pee-ay over the holiday wkend. i’m sure i’ll have things to say. in the meantime, i need to drink five cups of coffee and wrap my mind around it not being the weekend anymore. hope you had an awesome 4th! ttys 😉

One response to “because it’s monday after a long weekend

  1. I love that part of the country (my mother was born in Baltimore County) but it’s sad to see what’s become of it onw

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