eff you, miss california

so the embattled miss california has obviously had enough of all us forward-thinking folks pickin’ on her and she’s decided to go to dc to launch a campaign against same-sex marriage. she of the “well, i think it’s great that americans are able to choose one or the other. we live in a land that you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage” is launching a campaign.

[which leaves me wondering: “opposite marriage”?? what is that? isn’t that, like, divorce? [i am quoting her directly, btw, from her answer at the miss usa pageant, which you can see here.]

i’m kind of irritated w/the today show (one of my fave shows; hi, meredith! hi, matt! hi, anne! love ya!), as they aired an “exclusive” interview w/her this a.m.  i already had a blaring headache and her squeaky little pageant voice just made it worse.

i’m like, look. you’re obviously not that bright. also? it’s also not very “christian” of you to launch a “campaign” against ppl who love each other and want to tie the knot. this is what kills me about “religious” ppl: you say you’re all religious and want to walk in the ways of G-d. the thing is, G-d doesn’t shun! or ostracize. or hate. (at least not the G-d i know. i’m jewish btw.) and neither did jesus. but whatevs.

anyway, i’m just like, shut the eff up. stick to vasiline-ing your teeth and waving and being thin and smiling and trying on gowns and stuff.

ppl like holly and i are obviously trying to undermine the american family. you know, like, our eight years together, where we’ve like…cooked together and gone to museums and drive in our cars and get haircuts and stuff. obviously.


9 responses to “eff you, miss california

  1. OMG. Totally agree. Can’t she shut the EFF up FASTER. Like ZIP IT. Put me OUT OF YOUR MISERY, Ms. Prejean. This message has been brought to you by the opposite marriage of Sameena and Tipan.

  2. omG! you just made me laff so hard i almost snorted out my sanda-witch. you rule.

  3. Living in seattle, i sometimes forget that there are still backwards people like this…. miss california, who’s already seen as a fool among even the mildly progressive, will have earned a most unfortunate legacy once the rest of the country catches up!

  4. agreed!

  5. Seriously jessica, can you please stop undermining my “real” marriage with all your opposite marriage-ness; all that togetherness and unconditional love and committment is exactly the thing ruining this country… I mean, its certainly not all the good Christian divorces or unmarried baby making or moose hunting or racism. Nope, its you committed, loving same sex couples.


    This whole argument makes me so sick. I actually had this argument once… With a devout catholic… Who had cheated on his college girlfriend… While high… And later divorced his wife…. Because she didn’t make enough money.

    Yeah, its “the gays” that are ruining the integrity of marriage.
    You just go girl!
    Xo, Dana

  6. do we not recall Miss Teen USA 2007 and her brillant answer to her question? “…the Iraq, such as…” I have one word for them all – bimbo.

  7. ha! desiree! haha! you’re so right! (and i love that you put a youtube video in your comment!) but you forgot, “everywhere, like, such as.” haha, now i can’t stop laffing!

  8. oh dana, you are such a friend of the gays. i just love it. holly and i will most def stop undermining all the “opposite” marriages out there, and ruining america w/our unconditional love.

  9. Dear Miss California,

    Yes, you are entitled to your opinion. I totally disagree with you, but we live in a democracy (or similar) and one of the things that all of our forebears have struggled for is freedom of speech. I have no intention of implying that you should not have that freedom.

    I do strongly object to you using your status as beauty queen to push your agenda, though. Why should anyone listen to you? Because you have the prettiest smile? Is political gravitas a by-product of beauty? I think not. Why should I respect your opinion, then?

    On this occasion, I feel all you are achieving is to perpetuate the stereotype that beauty queens have the same capacity for rational thought as an amoeba.

    You gave your opinion. That is mine.

    Love and kisses,


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