those housewives

despite my better judgement, i began watching bravo’s “the real housewives of nyc” last year. anyone who knows me knows that i have no airs when it comes to entertainment (or anything else, come to think of it). if it’s fun and i like it, i will watch it. or listen to it. and freely admit it. [case in point: britney. also: t.a.t.u. (fake russian lesbos), “maid in manhattan,” “how to lose a guy in 10 days” and etc.]

i am very rarely an appointment tv watcher. meaning: i just watch my shows when they happen to be on. so i’m cleaning the kitchen last night, and it’s on. this is good kitchen-cleaning entertainment so i was thrilled.

anyway, this one lady (i forget her name but she has red hair) brings one of the other ladies [the “hot” one; no, not that one (the suspciously square-jawed chef) the other one (the one who likes to jog in traffic; wtf, i know, right?!)] to a private appt. with some sort of…purse maker. french lady? anyway, they’re sitting on the designer’s couch with a bunch of bags in front of them. like, on a coffee table. and they just look like…bags. call me “gay” (woman “gay” not man “gay”; two totally diff things and you know it and it’s ok to think it b/c i think it, too) but they really don’t look all that special. one is purple. another is red. one or two look like a snakeskin material.

so it’s the is the red-hair lady’s “birthday present”  (ok, i figured out who she is) to herself or from her husband or something. she’s like, hmmm, i think i like that one. yes, def. that one.

from my vantage pt, it looks like a knockoff of something i could find in tj maxx. [or, as my beloved late grandma would call it: “jt maxi” (oh grandma, you were so funny)] it’s red. and then the camera does a close-up of the pricetag: $16,000.


holly and i were watching together at this pt (yes, i was taking a break from said kitchen-cleaning) and were like, what? it was like a joke. a few more thousand dollars, and that’s the (low-end) starting salary of a recent undergrad. that’s more than some *cars*. that’s insane. and the craziest thing is that she barely thought anything of it. i can’t begin to wrap my mind around that sort of wealth. $16k could help us out a lot. that could alleviate a lot of worries for a lot of ppl. but for her it’s just a bag.

then her husband surprised her with a new, huge, black benz suv, and she whines that it doesn’t connect to her iphone or something so he says, ok, this one will be mine. i’ll get you another. (silence)

then there was a blowout fight about a tennis match. and like, jewelry shopping and some interior designing.

i know the entertainment value in these sorts of shows is the ridiculousness of it all. the great majority of ppl in this country don’t live the way these ladies and their families do. and so we all watch, mouths agape, as they “live the good life” and buy $16,000 bags and fight over tennis and freakout about charity events and shoes and boobs and decorators and whatnot. and mostly, it’s just entertainment for me. anything annoying i can usually forget in about 10 minutes (or less; yes, i have the attn span and sometimes the memory of a hamster, just ask holly and she’ll tell you). but that $16k bag thing last night really got to me. like it’s burrowed its way into my brain.

even in a good economy it’s hard to make ends meet, let alone treat yourself to something nice. (hell, holly and i have been together eight years and we have yet to even take a real vacation together. we didn’t even go on a honeymoon.) i guess i’m just trying to say…just…wow. i mean, look, if you have the money, i guess…you know? who am i to say? but that sh*t just blows my mind. and yet, i will continue to watch. and be disgusted and shocked. and watch again. total trainwreck that is reality tv. if you watch the show, i’d love to know what you think about all this. even if you don’t watch it. you know i love hearin from my peeps (no, not the marshmallow easter peeps! you. it means you 😉 )

in other news: passover cannot pass over soon enough. i made matzah pizza tonight! help!

6 responses to “those housewives

  1. Was the bag full of tasty treats? Like some blow or something? Seriously? At least chock full o’ marijuana?

  2. ha! good question! yeah, looked totally empty to me. i, however, would try to fit myself into that bag for $16k. couldn’t happen. but i’d def try.

  3. John Grunwell

    I suspect shows like this were designed by brilliantly evil minds in some “psy-ops” wing of the CIA. They’re probably supposed to make us outraged or infuriated with the characters, rather than the huddled masses getting angry with the government, revolting, marching down Wall Street burning and pillaging and smashing. Probably.

  4. The show is pretty ridiculous. I hate to admit it but I watch it on occasion and it baffles me that these people exist. I mean it’s one thing if you have the money and you indulge but it’s another to do it on TV and flaunt it. Eh.

  5. I’m totally addicted to the show and my fav ‘housewife’ is Bethenny. I like Jill but it was hard to digest the scene with the ugly overpriced bags and the SUV that she was not happy with. Her freakin bag cost more than my Toyota Echo! With all that said I still LOVE RHoNYC!!! Can’t wait to see RHoNJ 🙂

  6. Apparently, Bethenny is pretty down-to-earth. I keep thinking about your blog (since this entry was so good) and I am wondering if SHE would spend that kind of money on a bag. My thinking is probably not since I just read that she shops on eBay! Yes, eBay!?!?!

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