the homosexual prerogative

pre⋅rog⋅a⋅tive[pri-roguh-tiv, puhrog] –noun

a right, privledge, etc., limited to a specific person or to persons of a particular category

us gays, esp. us married gays, may not have much in terms of say, rights and whatnot. (the whole eight-years-together-$25k-wedding-and-still-can’t-get-my-laid-off-partner-on-my-health-insurance-thing never ceases to really ruffle my feathers) but i’ll be damned if we don’t have at least a couple things going for us.

so the whole “homosexual agenda” thing? yeah, notsomuch. (if “we” have an “agenda” it is simply to live with equal rights and dignity. what an agenda, right?!) but what we do have is what i call “the homosexual prerogative.” it’s a growing list but i’ve got a coupla strong ones so far.

one homosexual prerogative us homosexuals have is that we can go into public restrooms together. this is handy for many logistical reasons, esp for us girls. it’s fun to apply lipstick in the ladies room while chattin it up w/your girlfriend/partner. also you can ask her to hold your purse/bag instead of placing it on the grody floor.

another good one is that you can check out hotties together. i mean, this could work for straight couples if one or the other is exceptionally open-minded or falls somewhere in between 0 (not gay at all) and 6 (very, extremely gay) on the kinsey scale. i always say, “couples that ogle together, stay together.” hey, we may be married, but we still have eyes!

oh yeah, and i forgot about this one! we can wear each others’ clothes. if you’re the same size-ish and have similar styles, this is particularly helpful. i mean, get w/the right person and you can double your wardrobe! unfortunately, holly doesn’t wear as much black as i do, but hell if i haven’t stolen half her tshirts to wear around the house.

if any of you out there have good ones, pls pass ’em along! and let’s keep it clean, shall we? i’m determined to keep things around here pg-13…


2 responses to “the homosexual prerogative

  1. So true… doubling your wardrobe is a great thing. 🙂

  2. The one good thing I have to say about lesbian weddings (having now attended one) is that the dancing starts earlier and is less inhibited because all the guests are women who just want to boogie.

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