figures i’d like the gay one

my interest in boys peaked around middle school and let me tell you who i was ga-ga over: jonathan knight. from new kids on the block. (yes, this dates me. but whatever! i’m 30 and proud.) you know the one: brother of jordan knight; quiet, sensitive type?

omG how i loved him. (tho 80s jon bon jovi was my all-time #1; more on him some other day) and now word has finally gotten out that he’s a big ol homo. (just like me, for all those new readers that think i’m, haha, a homophobe. in fact i’m a homophile.) 

gossip blogger perez hilton got word out in august (tho of course i missed it at the time), and now knight’s ex is selling pics of the two. (nice, huh? geez.)

i can’t help but laugh. it figures i’d like the gay one.


my gay-ex-wanna-be-never-been lover, jonathan knight: third from left, the tall one w/the swoopy hair next to danny who everyone at school said looked like a monkey. omG look at their hair! whY??!!

(ok, w/that dog, i  totally coulda called it.)
he’s turned out to be a really handsome grown man, too. i wonder if him and doogie hang out? with lance bass? and clay aiken?? haha.  

2 responses to “figures i’d like the gay one

  1. At least you had the good sense not to like the Wahlberg …

  2. OMG!!!! I must be gay, too. Shhh, do not tell my hubster. But, really, let’s be honest, he WAS the cutest, so we liked him, duh. (And always, always, Jon Bon Jovi.)

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