quick poll: what’s more annoying…?

going to subway and coming back to your office smelling like a sub?

or stopping at 7-11 (or “sevs,” as we call it in jersey) for a cuppa coffee and smelling like a mini-refried-deep-fried-fake-beef  toquito for the rest of the day?

this is a hard call, as both seem to equally permeate clothing, especially in the winter when you’re wearing sweaters and scarves.

anyway, let me know what you think. b/c right now i smell like a sub and it’s driving me crazy.


4 responses to “quick poll: what’s more annoying…?

  1. Hm. I think it depends on time of day. Smelling like donuts and hazelnut coffee – not so bad. I think I’ll go with 7-11. Although I feel compelled to add that when driving through Fells Point past H&S Bakery, provider of sub rolls to Subway, I am intoxicated by that baking smell. I wonder why it does not translate well onto clothing? I could stand a little of that.

  2. hey jess!

    smelling like subway is WAY worse, in my opinion. There’s something particularly unnatural about the way Subways smell. The scariest part is that they all share this exact odor.

  3. 7-11 is way worse…..deep fried fake beef….ewww.
    At least Subway smells mostly like bread which is warm and cozy…..try smelling like a pita ALL the time!!!!

  4. Hmm… As a die hard Carboholic I like the smell of Subway…. not sure that i’d wanna wear it like cologne tho…. still, it’s gotta be better than smelling like a taquito!

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