i am nursing a serious crush on the first couple

and i don’t think i’m the only one.

how fabulous are the obamas??? i mean, how outrageously fabulous are they?? i just love them. love them.

i could barely pull myself away from the tv yesterday. i mean, barely even to eat or use the bathroom. i have never felt this away about politics. i have never been excited about a political leader. ever. but seeing president barak obama and first lady(!!) michelle obama walk down constitution ave. yesterday (past my old stomping grounds; sigh, how i miss my dc…), i could barely keep it together. (they’re such *rockstars* i kept thinking!!! rock stars!)  i am just so proud that we elected them. we did! us! can you believe it?? i keep mentally pinching myself b/c it seems just too good to be true. but it is true. that’s the very best part.

oh and seeing them dance! swoon! her *dress*! and his tux! and those KIDS?! and the grandma! goodness gracious, i could just eat up the entire family! eatthemup! (he’s also a lefty! just like ME! did anyone notice he’s a lefty??)

i have talked to more strangers lately, i’m telling you. ppl on the train, cab drivers, starbucks baristas–and there’s just such a feeling of unity and excitement, it’s just amazing. i’m like, why couldn’t this have happened sooner? to have an african-american family–and such a progressive, forward-thinking president–in the white house…the thought alone just makes me want to break down. i swear, i was already crying when they arrived for coffee at the white house. and then when aretha started singing, forget it. i was a mess.

between this and the steelers on their way to the superbowl…it’s like everything’s falling into place 😉 (sorry, ravens fans. hey, no hard feelings, right? you fought a good fight.)

so yeah. about that crush. it’s here and it’s real. (oh stoppit, i know you feel it, too. so just give in…)

WELCOME TO DC, MR. PRESIDENT AND MRS. FIRST LADY!!!! you’re going to love it here! if you need anything, i’m just over in baltimore. it’s not far. we’ll make the trip out. really, it’s no problem.

4 responses to “i am nursing a serious crush on the first couple

  1. you are so cute.

    and you know my feelings on the obamas. yesterday was a great day — the greatest in a long while, really. i hope there are many more to come! it’s a new time, *at last.*

  2. letters2soulmate

    i agree, barack and michelle are a stunning couple. i wrote an entire post today about them 🙂
    cheers, R

  3. i totally noticed he was a lefty as well! just yesterday!!

    my mom’s also a lefty. lefties rock.

  4. I agree! I smile ev’ry time I see them on television. I am geeked that they’re obviously in love with each other and their adorable girls. The Obamas are also committed to restoring the nation and eager to welcome everyone’s contributions in the process. I enjoyed reading your post. I miss the metropolitan D.C. area, too (I grew up in Silver Spring and Mitchellville, MD). I chuckled when you mentioned he was a lefty. I hadn’t noticed until today when I went to the White House Web site and saw a picture of President Obama signing an emergency declaration for Arkansas and Kentucky.

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