this city can’t stop crime, but it sure can install purple lights overnight

yes, indeedy. our mayor may be making national headlines w/an indictment list a mile long (four counts of perjury, three counts of theft, and three counts of fraudulent misappropriation by a fiduciary and two counts of misconduct, according to the Sun) and the cops usually won’t even show up when we make midnight phone calls about our neighbors breaking bottles over each others’ heads, but doggone! them ravens! well, hon, you’d better believe the entire city is suddenly lit up like a chunk of freshly chewed grape bubblicious–purple lights *everywhere*.

city hall. the po-lice station. inner harbor. pretty much everywhere.

as a steelers fan (i met holly as not only an unaffiliated football fan, but hardly a sports fan at all; i have since morphed into a trash talkin’, chip-throwin’, jersey-wearin’, terrible towel-wavin’ football fan that, yes, “bleeds black ‘n gold”), this is particularly tough for me. but whatever, we’re in baltimore, i get it. it’s fine. (and to be completely honest, i’ve always liked the color purple.) it’s just really annoying to see the city responding so quickly to their sports team, while letting little scary things like, oh, crime–you know, stuff like the drug house across the street from us (and its associated daytime, in-plain-sight deals and lookout kids on bikes)–just sorta, you know, slip by. i’m all for team spirit, but c’mon. maybe if the city put as much effort into making daily life safer and more livable as it does installing purple lights, i wouldn’t be considering taking up kung fu to protect my jersey ass when i’m walking the 200 hundred feet from my car to my front door.


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