piercing pagoda giftcards?

at the supermarket? really?

is it just me or does that seem…weird? it’s like, you know, while i’m picking up some bread and milk, i think i’ll grab a $25 piercing pagoda gift card for my niece/nephew/cousin/goth colleague, etc. b/c, really, what could be more special than a new navel/tongue/etc. ring for xmas? or, better yet, a couple new holes in the ol lobes?  i think the cards even have snowflakes on them–or holograms, at least.

i’ve been a terrible blogger lately. mostly b/c i’ve been grumpy and stressed for a variety of reasons i won’t go into. but i do see some light at the end of the tunnel: we’ll be gettin outta dodge (dodge being baltimore, of course) “here in a minute,” as holly would say in her pittsburghese, up to “PEE-AY” for the holiday. hopefully this will help unwind me. i’m also feeling positive–inspired by my dear nicolina–about a great ’09. i’m also keeping optimistic about holly’s ongoing job search, yes, despite the tanking economy. i’m feeling hopeful about our president-elect. there’s more, too, but instead of going on, i’m going to post some fun seasonal pics from around bmore. all taken on my cell phone (from the car, hence the movement), so they’re not the best quality but they’re still pretty cute.

these two are from hampden‘s famous 34th street. cars wind around like crazy to check out this one teeny block! the sidewalks are packed and i think folks let you into their houses, too! only in bawlmer, hon! it’s awesome.



a tree in a window! wait, a tree in a window? sure, why not! it’s bawlmer! [not in hampden this time (but it could fit in there!), but patterson park]


and a really streaky one on pratt street. the city’s famous inner harbor is to the right. they have these over-the-road lights up the entire street. in neighboring little italy, too. (if ya squint, you can make out the hard cafe guitar on top of the power plant on the right) 


so merry christmas! happy channukah/hannukah/however you like to spell it (heck, i’m jewish and pretty much spell it different every time). happy kwanzaa. happy almost-new year. don’t forget to pick up your piercing pagoda gift card at safeway, k? cause i rilly need some new, like, belly rings and piercings and stuff and mom doesn’t want me to get any more and i just spent my last $15 at hot topic. ok? omg thanks.


One response to “piercing pagoda giftcards?

  1. i am a former manager of piercing pagoda. we were closed jan 19,2009 with NO notice. 2 in spokane washington and 1 in coeur dalene idaho. i even asked at 930 am that day and was told no. at 4 pm i was confronted by my rm, we were closed. do not buy gift cards. if you are a manager now…when your shipments stop you better start worring. it will be fast and they will lie to you

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