new feature! weird baltimore windows!

so now that the wedding is over, i can finally roll out some of the recurring features that will grace the virtual pages of lunch at 11:30 from here on out. the first one is……..

(drumroll please!)

weird baltimore windows!

ok, so if you’re not from baltimore or haven’t spent much time here (esp. in the city’s rowhome neighborhoods), you’re probably scratching your head. i’ll explain:

baltimore’s famous for a few things, its rowhomes are one of them. [along with director john waters, its inner harbor and ummmm, gosh, what else? oh, johns hopkins. aaannnnd…oh! edgar allen poe, who lived and died here, i think. (if you can think of anything, pls let me know and i’ll add your suggestions.) oh! just thought of another one: the wire. also charm city cakes of the food network’s ace of cakes. anyway, so these rowhomes. they have basements with street-facing windows. ours is full of glass blocks b/c yeah, safer. but other folks–esp. old timers who have spent decades in their rowhomes–are braver (or just clueless or just don’t care or refuse to believe that bullets can and will fly thru basement windows) and take great pride in their basement windows. so they decorate them for passerbys. some stay the same thru the year, others change with the seasons (valentine’s day is a biggie ’round here). regardless of the time of year, holly and i have passed some doozies on our frequent walks thru our neighborhood over our 2+ yrs living in the city, and my goal is to share some of the very best with you. so! w/out further ado, weird baltimore window #1:


figurines are bigwhen it comes to baltimore’s basement windows. tho i don’t see a direct connection between these. i mean, there’s a lady in a fancy dress. and flamingos. (flamingos are also way big in baltimore b/c of john waters’ famously dirty film, pink flamingos) and, like, a backyard-type bird over on the left. so yeah, there ya have it: weird baltimore window #1. (i know you wanna come visit now! oh don’t even. i know you do 😉 )


3 responses to “new feature! weird baltimore windows!

  1. don’t forget steamed crabs!

  2. What about Hairspray? “Good morning, Baltimoooore!”

  3. my mom used to live there and all she would talk about were the rats! 🙂

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