wedding photos!!!

what you’ve all been waiting for! (us, too!) i haven’t seen all of ’em yet, just what our ridiculously awesome photog posted to her blog. but here’s a few of my favs:















i promise, there’s more to come. my goal is to walk you thru the day with photos and text. jaime (our photographer) wrote the most beautiful recap of the day here, under the heading “love conquers all.” and honestly, i think it does. even as our economy kind of, well, collapses (and we’re suffering from that, too) and our one-day plans to go to cali and “make it legal” sort of, yeah, also collapsed, we need to remember how important our loved ones are in our lives. i feel so blessed to have found someone to love me unconditionally–despite all of my neurosis (oh, and i have many) and my headaches and my occasional (maybe more than occasional?) badass jersey ‘tude–for the rest of my life. the great news is that our lives are just getting started. with holly by my side, i’m so much stronger–so much. we will take on this world together.

happy friday, everyone!! here’s to a restorative weekend. i think we could all use one of those.

4 responses to “wedding photos!!!

  1. absolutely stunning!

  2. you look amazing, the dress beautiful and holly fabulous! and mom!!! she looks exactly the same – so pretty and so happy 🙂

  3. Ahhh, the famous dress! Glad you had such a wonderful day…

  4. ratnagiri77

    OMG! I hadn’t checked in with your blog for ages and just saw these and they are so fantastic and the dress is totally stunning just like everyone else says and I love it and you guys look great and happy and you are so married and everyone is smiling and CUTE and I can’t stop gushing— wahhhhhHH!

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