tears at safeway



so i just ran into my work friend heather at safeway during our lunch break. the bank tellers and i were just finishing up a gush session about the wedding (i know, i’m such a girl; but this wedding stuff is contagious!) and all the sudden, she pops by and is like HEY! i knew i heard you! and so we giggled and before i knew it we were hugging and crying! she’s so excited about the wedding. she’s been excited since the very beginning, and she has been soooo helpful, stopping by my office giving me all these fashion tips and whatnot. she can’t attend, unfortunately, b/c her best friend’s baby shower is on the same day, but man, she was like “omG it’s this weekend! your wedding’s this weekend!” and i was like “omg i KNOW!” and our eyes started welling up. “i’m gonna cry!” she said and starting fanning her face. then i was like, “aw heather! you’re gonna make mecry!” and then we started hugging and crying right there in safeway by the checkout lines. dont’cha just love that??? i mean, this is such a special time. for ppl to just be, like, excited for you. even random ppl that you don’t know, like bank tellers. they find out you’re getting married (women, esp.) and they get this look in their eyes and they’re like awwwwwwwwwww!!!! i love that. i really do. i admit it–and i’m absorbing every ounce, every last drop.

in case you’re wondering, the pics above are a sampling of our latest shoot w/our fabulous wedding photog. i chose these two to share as sort of a joint celebration of our upcoming marriage and our president-elect.

mr. obama, if you’re reading this: hi! you rule! cannot wait to pass your soon-to-be new house on pennsylvania avenue and actually be excited about who’s living there. your wife is faaaabulous. your girls are adorable! i will walk your puppy for you anytime. just email me 😉


One response to “tears at safeway

  1. You’ve just made your wedding photos a part of history…Wow!

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