remind me to breathe


just keep telling me to breathe.

so much to do, so many things to still get in order. and butterflies–so many!–restless, and all flapping in my stomach. i just can’t wrap my mind around the fact this is actually happening. after all these months of planning. the better part of two years, really. and seven and a half years together (SEVEN AND A HALF?!! OMG WTF!!), let’s not forget that…

this wedding has been so far off for so long. i mean, just the other day it was summer, it feels like. then the jewish holidays. i turned 30. there was halloween, and now the trees are orange and fire red, some of them already bare….the day, our wedding day, is so close. so close that i can check the weather reports (please! please please please clear skies!). so close that we’re planning airport pickups and sending out itineraries (those are you still wondering about details, sit tight, info’s on it’s way).

the silent prayer running thru my head is not only that i somehow make it (i.e. not faint) through the ceremony (and btw, not just me, holly, too; we’re both worried) and don’t just break down crying–i mean a full-on, drop-to-my-knees all-hands-on-deck breakdown that will not only ruin my eye make-up but just…yeah. (the great thing about a jewish ceremony is that you say next to nothing, so at least there’s that) and also that i take in every moment. that i appreciate everything–all the love, the family, the friends, all there for us. all there to celebrate and make us happy–b/c i hear it goes fast. i know it will. i know it. so if you don’t hear from me before saturday, think good thoughts! i will come back to all of you as, yes, a married woman.


2 responses to “remind me to breathe

  1. breathe…………………………..

  2. Breathe…. hey, isn’t that the only Pink Floyd song you like?

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