something old

my cousin liat just sent me the most wonderful photos for my “something old” (something new, something borrowed, something blue…) category. they’re of our shared late grandma, the one i wrote to the other day (subsequentially throwing ppl into fits of tears from coast to coast, it seems; but believe you me, i was crying hardest of all) and i swear, they’re gonna throw me into another fit of tears. actually, they already kind of did.

unfortunately, i never got to see my grandma completely able-bodied. she broke her hip when i was just a toddler, and never quite recovered. my grandfather was a rabbi. (you can see him below; he smoked cigars, wore bowties and a 10-gallon hat. he was very cool) he passed when i was about two years old, so i never got to know him. [he, however, had me down to a tee, labeling me an “arch individualist” (who? me?) when i was still a wee lil thing.]

i love these photos. they make me sooo happy. this was the woman still very much inside the older woman i came to know and love. and looking at her here, i can see me in her. thank you, cousin. you’re like a sister to me, i love you. can’t wait to see you so soon…


my grandma


grandma & grandpa


2 responses to “something old

  1. I LOVE these! I love her dress! I love his cigar! What a neat couple they made …

  2. Ohmigaw, your grandma looks exactly like you. Same smile, same twinkly eyes.

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