we have too much to do and not enough time to do it. we’re t-minus nine days til “the big day.” (it’s so funny how ppl call it the “big day.” like, a “big day” for me is one where i’ve bulked up on too much sodium (i.e. evil over-processed food but omg does that crap taste good–and don’t EVEN b/c you know you love it too) and my engagement ring is suddenly a little tighter…but ANYway, as per usual, i digress.)

i’m high on migraine meds as i write this, as i’m battling headaches most of the time right now. (to be honest, i don’t even think they’re stress-related; i think they have more to do w/the (great-smelling but kind of evil) wet leaves outside, i.e. mold, but what the hell do i know).

i will close out by saying the following:

NOW I KNOW WHY PPL GET WEDDING PLANNERS. now i know! i mean, i knew before. but now i really know. holly will prob. tell you that i don’t actually know b/c she’s doing most of the ‘heavy lifting’ and i just sit around stressing about my hair/make-up/accessories/song list for dj/programs and etc. etc. 

and the sad part? she’s totally right. and me stressing stresses her and then we’re bickering. (sorry, hunny. i love you.)

so i guess i’d better go now. b/c on top of my eye twitch, i’m having migraine med-induced esophageal spasms. oh, i am a joy to behold. just a joy…


One response to “omg


    You’ll get it all done, and actually 9 days is a lot of time still … Not to mention you’ll have a few friends there in a week to help you out! I mean, ijs …


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