i’m actually starting to get excited

i’m still nervous as hell–and a stresscase to boot (shocker, i know)–but i just keep thinking about all the ppl we love in one place, all gathering, all converging for us. it boggles my mind! when else does this happen? practically never. my only hope, my silent prayer, is that i can keep my head together enough to take it all in and relish in the spectacularness of it all. 

we had another photoshoot yesterday in dc, the continuation of a (way, way earlier! feels like forever ago, in fact) quickie engagement shoot (at baltimore’s famous american visionary arts museum) we did specifically for our save-the-date cards. so we romped around to some of our favorite places, like the national gallery of art sculpture garden (where holly and i love to get coffee and/or iced tea and split one of their fabulous brownies, esp. in the winter when the fountain is transformed into an ice skating rink) and dupont circlepark, where we went after our first date in (omg!) may 2001 and i told holly (then not a city slicker) not to “stare at the crazies,” which she did anyway (ha, gotta love ‘er). honestly, we have so much fun w/jaime it’s almost unbelievable. [my only reservation about yesterday is that i spent the weekend plagued with headaches and an on-again-off-again sore throat so it was hard to feel like myself. she assured me not to worry about it, of course. hopefully my smiles were convincing?? of course it’s hard *not* to smile when we have to kiss in public and ppl stare at us and i’m like YEAH WE’RE ROCKSTARS. we’re huuuuuge in europe! plus i got a new skull scarf on sat. night (thanks, tara!) that i just had to wear and that helped boost my mood, too. i mean, how could it *not*??] since we booked “the blonde photographer” (gosh, back in feb., i think) she’s become a real friend. jaime’s srsly one of the nicest (and most fun, no joke) ppl we’ve ever met–highly recommend her to photograph anything, esp. a wedding. to prove my confidence in her: i had a classic wedding-day nightmare (well, i’d like to think that it’s “classic” anyway!) months ago that it was our wedding day and nothing was done, nothing was ready. even my dress wasn’t finished. but there was jaime, cameras in hand, ready to roll and constantly reassuring me that everything was going to be ok. i think that speaks volumes about her. i could go on and but i’ll stop now. (hi, jaime!! love ya!)

so now we’re just doing those final week(s) type things…the favors, details w/the caterer, linens, programs, dj, the list goes on and on. and i gotta say, tho it sux that holly was laid off, hot damn, she’s gettin er dun!!! bad timing financially but great timing in a way. if that makes sense.

ttys! happy monday! (and if you’re not happy, you just haven’t had enough coffee yet!)

P.S. there’s a reason i haven’t mentioned the election. i’m too worried to even mention it here. and proposition 8 in california? omg. to all our supporters out there, pls pls pls cross your fingers that same-sex marriage stays legal there so we can make things “official” (at least in california, massachusetts, conn. and new york) in upcoming months!!! nicolina‘s already planning a confetti-filled post-nuptial dinner party and we will be crushed, just crushed…i can’t even think about it…


One response to “i’m actually starting to get excited

  1. woohoo!! love you both!! can’t wait for the party of the year – aka your big gay *rockstar* wedding!! xo

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