i’ve got to tell all of you

that, according to wordpress’ wonderful and all-knowing stats page, the most popular search terms folks use when they stumble upon this blog usually go something like this:

“song trying to catch your heart”
trying to catch your heart is like trying to catch a star”

“how to say gay in russian”

and of course there’s always:
“gay man in past life” (tho that was only once)

hey, whatever works! you know i love me some new readers.

so think good thoughts, everyone, as our worlds gently…collide? no…ummm….greet each other this weekend. after our parents meet, we need to go to PA (in a couple weeks) to tell holly’s grandma that we’re tying the knot. we don’t know how she’ll take it. she kind of gets that we’re together but kind of not? my chiropractor told me today that i ought to write a book about all this. never a dull moment, i tellya. that’s prob. why i’m at the doggone chiropractor so much. also popping migraine meds.

happy weekend, all! i know you all need it as much as i do.


2 responses to “i’ve got to tell all of you

  1. good luck lesh! not that you need look, since you have charm and such a good heart. i’ll be sending you good thoughts…..

  2. the one consistently searched word/phrase that brings people to my movie blog is ‘rocky.’

    Amazing, isn’t it? The Italian Stallion’s still got it …

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