friday dogs!!!

i will now take a break from sharing the perpetual crisis that is my life to introduce a couple of my very very favorite ANIMALS!

i am a huuuuuge fan of dogs. i want a puppy sooooo badly, but, as holly constantly reminds me, “now isn’t the right time.” (at which point i sigh loudly and say i knoooooooooow.) in the meantime, i shower love on the wonderful dogs of others.

first, there is Thunder. he belongs to the fabulous danielle, and i swear he’s part human! this dog has a soul, i tell you. he should work in a hospital, that’s how sweet he is. he loves everyone (esp. me, i like to think! but he generally just loves ppl who love him). we saw him last night, while eating a ridiculously delicious vegan (!? i know, right?? sooooooo good) feast. he greeted me with lots of kisses and presented me w/his paw numerous times w/out me even asking! he also rested his adorable head on my lap, and generally made me feel awesome and loved. and there is nothing in the world like true-blue doggie love.

here he is:
(taken with my cellphone camera, which doesn’t have a flash.)

awwww *thunder*

awwww *thunder*

also there is Lex, dog of andrew. this dog (a long-haired mini dachshund) is so cute ICED (i can’t even deal). i was lucky enough to meet him as a puppy, and hearing his little paws taptaptap on andrew’s wooden floors was just…sigh. unbearably cute. and seeing proud daddy andrew hold him under one arm, omg. again, can’t deal.

andrew recently recorded a quick game of fetch w/lex and posted it on youtube for folks like me to watch ten times over. turn up your volume!


TGIF, everyone! woof!


5 responses to “friday dogs!!!

  1. Thunder is part human and he is the very best friend I’ve ever had. He is such a special being. I love him more than pretty much anything on earth.

  2. Dogs are awesome and I agree they certainly have souls. All the lucky dogs that get your attention until you have your own!

  3. Ohmygosh! You’re a dog person, too??? You MUST come over and snuggle Charley! He actually lives with my parents but I still consider him *mine*! And…I’ve been looking on this awesome website lately because I really want a pup to live with me…I just hesitate because I don’t think it’s fair to leave him/her alone all day. 😦 Check out
    Any fave breeds?

  4. I kept telling myself — now is not the right time to adopt a dog. I finally did, and while the dog I chose was arguably the worst dog I could have picked, I kick myself daily that I didn’t adopt one sooner.

  5. I went walking through Sligo Creek Park a few months ago and got three dog kisses on my hand from three seperate dogs passing me in the opposite direction, just from making eye contact with them as they approached. I don’t even remember if I acknowledged the humans they were walking with. There are a few people in my ‘hood with whom I seldom share more than a word or two, but I’m on petting-HELLO!-scratching neck terms with their dogs. All animals have souls, but dogs’ are just a heck of a lot like ours. And like dogs, I too enjoy urinating on traffic signs.

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