my last fitting’s tonight

and i have a sneaking suspicion that i shouldn’t have eaten all those fries last night. oops. (and i suppose the fact that i ate them w/cheese sauce makes it even worse. but c’mon! i’ve been *so good* for so long! and even a bride-to-be’s gotta live a little…)

[i guess it’s more accurate to say that this will be my last fitting until a week or two before the wedding. and hopefully said fabulous dressmaker will need to take it in a tad more by then. (note to self: no more cheese fries!)]

in other news, i really appreciate the turning-30 support that all my buds sent via comments on yesterday’s entry. i’m also happy to report that my two+ day migraine has broken. i don’t even know how i wrote that entry yesterday! the power of copious amount of coffee. never, ever underestimate the power of coffee.



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