how low should i go?

fitting #3 is tonight, and the big question remains: how low should i go?  i mean, c’mon, this is my wedding, i might as well, right? but then again, this is my wedding. and i want to look classy. but cleavage can be classy, i think. (i think)

in other news, thanks to cousin J [not my actual cousin, mind you. but 2nd cousin of mrs. S aka hottie social worker (HSW)], i am much closer to finding shoes. trial up-do appt. has been set. must also set up trial make-up session. and figure out when i should have my overgrown bangs trimmed so they’re perfect for november (of course, i’m wondering: what are perfect bangs anyway?? my perpetually 15 bang-loving self doesn’t even know).

all this timing! ugh. i am not used to this. and i’m kind of terrible at it. but a wedding happens only once (if you’re lucky), so i think i’m willing to suck it up and deal. i mean, just this once. 😉


One response to “how low should i go?

  1. Jessie Schlosberg

    btw, there is no such thing as too much cleavage… unless you hit the navel… then it’s a bit much!

    love ya!

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